On the layout of three kinds of application types of iphone platform

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In the mobile phone such a small limited screen size, to make the interface to maintain a clear and reasonable, concise and beautiful, it involves the product "framework layout" of the design problem, we need to be based on different product requirements and application scenarios to design a reasonable interface layout.

The standard interface layout for the iphone platform is the top title bar, the middle content area, the bottom toolbar/tag bar, the designers according to different types of application and different use of the situation of the ingenious layout, there are many brave to break the rules, delicate and reasonable layout design. Let's take a look at the diverse interface layouts of the iphone platform today.

The iphone platform has three types of applications:

Efficiency-type applications (productivity applications)

Practical Applications (Utility applications)

Immersion applications (immersive applications)

Each type has its own different characteristics and application scenarios. Before you design, you need to be clear about the objectives, characteristics, and motivations of the users to use the product to select the appropriate application type. Here are three ways to summarize the layout of the interface.

1. Efficiency type Application (productivity applications)

Efficiency applications include almost all applications from social networks to mobile banking. Such applications have the ability to organize and manipulate specific information, require a more streamlined user experience, and thus do not hinder the user's work, the user experience to focus on the task, users can quickly find the desired goals, easy to complete the operation.

1 How to design the efficiency of the application

Mission-oriented design concept. Establish the accurate task model, disassemble the user's possible tasks, and design the optimization process. To allow users to quickly start, quickly find information, quickly leave. Establish a clear hierarchical relationship, convenient and accurate retrieval methods so that users can quickly locate the information needed.

To reduce the user's learning costs, use the system's controls and operations as much as possible. Reduce the noise, ensure that the advanced functions can be found when the user needs, and will not cause trouble when not needed.

2 The interface layout of efficiency type application

A. Nine

Such interfaces are usually the first screen after the user enters the product, providing a classification entry for the user, and the entrance is usually shown in the form of a chart plus text. Arranged in the form of a lattice, allows users to quickly find the entrance. This type of layout is suitable for rich content presentation and content for classification aggregation.

B. Collapse List

Folding tables are layouts designed to avoid excessive scrolling within a page, and you might want to consider using such layouts when displaying large content on the same page. The content is grouped into a level two list, and each group can expand its subprojects separately.

C. Picture List

The picture list can visually display the whole picture, which is convenient for users to quickly retrieve and view, and the large picture also brings the visual pleasure experience to the user.

D. Merry-go-round

The layout of the merry-go-round is appropriate for the content to be organized in a linear or cyclic manner, make full use of the limited screen space, better to display a series of graphic images, so that users get a better focus experience, as the cheerful Pentium Trojan, non-stop rotation display, so that each individual has the opportunity to perform. This layout is especially useful for the limited screen space and the need to show a lot of content.

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