On the post-standard thinking of post-industrial era 2--how to apply

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What is the best way for our specifications to be a good value?
In fact, one thing we understand wrong fundamental purpose will lead to a very different result, directly reflect on the designer to embody what the value.
Think about our biggest daily workload is where, product application ideas? Develop a clear information architecture? New user Experience? Interactive logical relationship? or open the production software to the left three pixel adjustment margin, for a dotted line to draw half a day, text spacing adjustment to, picture size dispute endlessly ...
I think we all understand what we are going to do, so the problem of the specification comes, if you finish a manuscript, with the specification to card you: line spacing is not standard, the color of the container line is not standard, font size problems, picture size is not standard ... Go back and readjust, and then the designer Chi Chi Zoom in on the pixel a little bit to adjust, the result of the production time is extended one times. You again to the designer to say the standard good, I think no one to from the heart really corresponding to you, can only say that this is the work rules, have to abide by.
The norm is good, but it is not done.
First of all, according to the preceding article, a knife-cutting products must be a problem, according to different characteristics and users use the heart to plan to make their own reasonable rules, first to ensure that this rule is reasonable, effective, easy-to-use, in line with the user's use of the heart (this part also takes time to evolve and develop). This premise, how to apply the problem will be the most important, directly affect the work of the designer, as mentioned above, this is a wall or an elevator.
Specifications can be designed to create every aspect of the design: interaction, vision, front-end code, plus user research, user testing, copywriting. The user does not know that we have these links (these are only part of the product), the user sees is the product on-line itself, above is a whole. If said one months design time, a day or two simple to understand the functional requirements, most of the rest of the time spent on the production, perhaps users see is a lack of new ideas, the application of ordinary products flat. If we were to spend one months, most of the prior time to plan good products, designers according to innovative thinking to put forward more reason, easier to use, more intimate with the user's design method, the following production in fact, we use the standard of mechanized operation to significantly save time, then the end user will see the feeling is completely different. Even if there is no need or no innovative ideas, then at least we can one months to do 2, or even 3 products out.
The crux of the problem is how to really save time on mechanization.
Tools, the purpose of any tool is to make people's lives and work convenient, we design products and the purpose is no doubt that, then we design the product process should also be convenient for us. Time spent on a good creative point, even if there is a technical cost, but this cost will be offset by the cost of mechanical production.
Time is money, it depends on the money to change the return of the stone or the diamond.

Thanks to the two masters to throw out the views on this issue, there should be a design method revolution.

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