On the real value of CRM for the development of the company

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CRM started in the 1990s in China, has been developed for more than more than 20 years, as a professional customer relationship management software, CRM to provide customers with marketing, sales and service in one of the customer relationship management solutions, to achieve marketing, automated sales, customer information and other aspects of fine management. The implementation of CRM, for enterprise customer management is not in place, communication is not smooth, sales progress supervision weak, low efficiency, after-sales service information asymmetry problems, from the management system to carry out a strong evasion, improve enterprise information management level and management competitiveness.

The systematic management thought

CRM will be excellent management ideas embedded in the system, customers only need to follow the system process management, such as scattered, fragmented customer information in a unified format for systematic input, including customer name, contact, personality requirements, communication records, customer information will be stored in the company database in real time, And through the system of big data analysis and statistics, can activate the data, to obtain more business opportunities. The management of the enterprise through the data report, can see the whole sales progress, sales problems and forecast results, and then make the most appropriate decision.

No loss of customer information

CRM can not only help enterprises to accumulate customer information, more importantly, to help enterprises accumulate management experience, and constantly optimize the management process. Let the enterprise have the memory, has the thought. CRM through the entire sales process system management, all-round help enterprises to prevent customer churn. Even if the salesperson leaves, the customer's details remain intact in the CRM, allowing the new salesperson to easily follow the sales process at a glance.

Accurate analysis wins the opportunity

Accurate data analysis can help companies to make better sales plans. and CRM can completely record the whole process of sales, the manager has a clear understanding of the problems in the sales process, in order to find a solution as soon as possible. CRM also has a one-stop marketing management mechanism, providing personalized e-mail marketing and mobile social marketing, real-time statistics and tracking the execution process and results of marketing activities, and associated with the activity plan and budget management, so that the plan can be really landed execution, maximize the cost optimization. Through the System a button to generate a variety of custom reports, managers can anytime and anywhere to understand the latest marketing activities, timely insight into potential problems, better formulate corporate strategies and plans, seize the market opportunity.

Refinement of the Management method

The CRM has the business intelligence function, can automatically carry on the information collection, the output survey result and carries on the data analysis, thus creates the customer behavior database, the sales activity has any progress, the change, as well as the customer consultation track, the manager can be able to understand first time. The early warning function of CRM can also be a reminder to the sales staff, such as customer visit, order follow-up, contract expiry, etc., to remind the sales staff of the important work every day, to customer care, to enhance customer satisfaction, promote the fulfillment of the order.

Mobile office more peace of worry

8Manage CRM has mobile capabilities that allow salespeople to get rid of time and space constraints and adopt a collaborative approach in the internet age. With a network, you can work with a mobile phone, and collaborate with other employees anytime, anywhere, to easily process business information for a day. At the same time, 8Manage CRM can record every correspondence and communication with customers and colleagues, improve office efficiency, and make the relationship between enterprises and customers more closely, and better maintain customer relations.

On the real value of CRM for the development of the company

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