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How to match the colors in web design is something that bothers designers. With conservative color collocation, worry about customers do not buy, because the communication when they always like to say ' in short I want to my site tall, looks different from others '; with ingenious collocation method, but also worried that customers can not appreciate, the last variety of nagging. Perhaps, as long as your design at the first glance can give customers a sense of comfort, after the cooperation can be a green light.

The following is anyforweb for you on the web design of the use of warm and cold tones related cases, hoping to bring you inspiration, the first time to seize the hearts of customers.

1.Nelly Rodi site with a real photo as a background map, the entire page presents a clear cold tone, a small amount of text also used in the hundred-match black or white. This approach is more conservative, although not to use the wrong, but there is no place to make a difference. and designers cleverly in the page to add a geometric shape of the warm color block, not only to allow visitors to find a visual focus, but also to make the original moderation of the Web page become more special. The bottom of the Phantom button design also shows a minimalist web page of international trends.

2. Orange always gives a kind of warm sunlight visual feeling, but if use excessively can produce a kind of complex procrastination feeling. Although the case uses a large area of orange, but the designer to enhance the transparency of the color itself, and combined with a small number of texture design, so that the screen more stylish chic.

3. When a variety of colors at the same time, the page will become very lively, as the case shows, regardless of the cold or warm tones, or neutral color, once these colors together, the Web page will be lovely up, to bring a good mood for users.

4. This case uses a cooler light blue gradient as the main hue, and the middle red wavy line naturally becomes the visual focus. This is a typical combination of warm and cold tones, using most of the cool tones to highlight a small number of warm-toned elements.

5. The site is divided into about two parts. The Metro style is selected in the background with a high level of transparency in white and black color blocks. Black-and-White is neutral, black and red is a classic combination of color, so the user's perspective is completely attracted to the red part.

6. This site's style is more dreamy blur, the main color of the dark, designers with the "tower" itself, with the light of the filter effect to create a more beautiful picture feeling, it is easy to let the viewer into the atmosphere, Ghost button and the overall page of the matching degree is also very high.

7. The grey system belongs to the neutral color of the cold, while the grey in the case is warm gray. In a large area of warm ash, red appears to be particularly eye-catching, played a role in guiding the user's view.

8. Metro style can sometimes make people feel too regular, so the designer uses a gradient warm color to make the page more lively and vivid. The color from the top to the bottom of the screen from shallow to deep, so that our vision transfer has a point of view.

9. This case incorporates the Metro and geometric elements of the design, warm and cold color, forming a colorful scene, slowing down the user to produce visual fatigue speed, more conducive to attracting users to click and view.

10.Airnauts of the first screen with a simple split line to cut the page into two geometric shapes, the two-shape color is completely without transition, directly linked together, but do not feel very blunt, but there is a unique sense of design in it.

The warm and cold tones of the Web page, as long as the use of proper, can be very natural for viewers to create a comfortable visual enjoyment, and deeply into the site's situation.

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