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Fairy tales may not necessarily turn into reality, but if you have no fairy tale in your heart, it will never be realized!

The so-called girlfriend is the experimenter of a lifetime partner. Some of them succeed once, while others are trying all their lives.

In fact, life is a problem stacked with problems. It doesn't mean you have to face a lot of things at once, but something you should have faced earlier, but you have escaped.

There must be at the end of life, and there must be no force in life. I agree with this sentence.

Habits, as the name implies, are developed over time. Do not change your habits for the sake of others, unless you even feel that their existence has affected you.

In fact, the real closed person is the person who can, people, you have to learn to "close" yourself!

Never expect that the promises that others give you will be easily realized, otherwise it will not be considered a commitment. Unless he has the ability to implement it for you, it's useless to force it!

Since you are the person around you, you do not need to deliberately retain it. If you want to force it, sometimes it may be counterproductive. But remember that people around you will never leave you, but now they are not able to make you feel like they are by your side!

Yes, we don't seem to have many memories in junior high school! That's because we are not mature and don't know how to cherish it.

Should the real Angel be yourself?

If you care about others, just to make them have you in your heart, then you will fail too much. Since you care about him, then...

Is happiness really so difficult? But I think it is at your fingertips. As long as you are happy, you should be happy.

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