One card in Hong Kong strategy: 4 times Commission for withdrawal

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Li chenyang has a small investment in Hong Kong and often travels between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Every time he ran back and forth with cash, he was troubled, not only in terms of business, but also in terms of shopping consumption in Hong Kong. But not long ago, he held a Hong Kong card at the Hong Kong CMB branch, making it much easier to exchange funds.

The Hong Kong card is a new business recently launched by China Merchants Bank. It is a comprehensive bank card issued by the Hong Kong Branch and designed especially for people who frequently access the Mainland/Hong Kong. Many people like Li chenyang are "coveted" about the Hong Kong card ".

5 seconds for easy access to Hong Kong

For a mainland Chinese, you must bring your passport or pass to Hong Kong and Macao and your ID card. Enter an "Application Form" at the counter and click OK. You can apply directly to the Hong Kong Branch. When applying, Li chenyang deposits a Hong Kong dollar at the Hong Kong counter, including the annual fee of Hong Kong dollar 50. The card is received within the second business day after the application is approved. If you apply for an online ticket, you must go to the Hong Kong Branch counter to receive the card.

The mainland branch can also apply for (in addition to the Shenzhen head office, the sales department of the Guangzhou Branch of the China Merchants Bank is also authorized ). They received your application form and copies of your documents and sent them to the Hong Kong Branch for approval. It may take more than ten days. After the account is approved, the bank will first inform you of your card number, we will notify you to deposit the fee of HK $55 into this specified account. After receiving the Hong Kong dollar you sent, the Hong Kong Branch began to prepare entity cards. It is estimated that one month later, the Hong Kong Branch will send the "two-location card" along with the "Certificate association code" to your designated contact address. After receiving the real card, you can call the Customer Service of China Merchants Bank in Hong Kong to activate your account. After verifying your identity, the staff will activate this


One card and two-account Hong Kong Investment becomes more convenient

One card has two sets of accounts in the Hong Kong Branch and Shenzhen Head Office respectively. The Hong Kong account has a deposit guarantee of 0.1 million yuan. Li chenyang's account now has a deposit of 0.2 million Yuan. If the Hong Kong bank fails, he can withdraw 0.1 million yuan. The accounts of the Shenzhen headquarters are subject to the laws and regulations of the Mainland and are subject to foreign exchange control.

One card is a standard Hong Kong bank card. Four types of accounts are included: Hong Kong Dollar exchange account, Hong Kong Dollar exchange account, Mainland Hong Kong dollar current account, and mainland Renminbi current account. Facilitate various investments.

Li chenyang also sets his card as an automatic Redemption Function. When he consumes and withdraws money through UnionPay, if the balance in the renminbi is insufficient, the Hong Kong dollar funds will be automatically exchanged to support transactions. Similarly, if the Hong Kong dollar balance is insufficient, you can use the Shenzhen Hong Kong dollar cash, cash, and automatic purchase. In addition to the mainland UnionPay network, the first fund used is Hong Kong dollar.

Discard Foreign Exchange Control

Currently, funds in Li chenyang's Hong Kong account are not subject to foreign currency control and can be transferred to the world through online banking at any time. In addition, transfers to Hong Kong are generally less expensive and time-consuming than transfers to the mainland. Therefore, Li chenyang allows foreign customers to remit funds to their Hong Kong accounts. If foreign currency funds are in Shenzhen accounts, they are subject to domestic foreign currency control, and the operation procedures are very troublesome. Everything must be done at the Shenzhen counter. If the funds are transferred from the Hong Kong one-card account to the same mainland card cash-in account, the funds can be simply transferred back to the Hong Kong account through online banking, but if the funds are obtained in other ways, you can transfer the money to your Hong Kong account only after you transfer the money at the Shenzhen counter.

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