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The one-click installation package for commonly used PHP runtime environments is very popular, such as blogs: Wordpress, forums: Discuz! SNS: UCenterHome, CMS: DedeCMS and so on are popular PHP programs. everyone is using PHP programs, but for many beginners, directly upload the package to a virtual space.

PHP programs are very popular, such as blogs: Wordpress, forums: Discuz! SNS: UCenter Home, CMS: DedeCMS and so on are all popular PHP programs. everyone is using PHP programs, but for many beginners, it is very troublesome to directly upload files to a virtual space for debugging one by one. Therefore, it is the quickest way to build a PHP runtime environment for debugging and testing programs locally (my computer. The following describes how to quickly build a PHP runtime environment on the local machine, so that friends who do not know PHP can quickly build their own PHP runtime environment.

There are two types of local PHP platforms: LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySql + PHP) and WAMP (Windows + Apache + MySql + PHP, the former is generally superior to the latter. Considering that all of you are using the windows platform, we will focus on setting up a php runtime environment on the win platform. These components are all installation steps. you can click next to install them successfully.

One-click installation package for PHP

I. ComsenzEXP

ComsenzEXP is a set of integrated community product experience installation packages developed by Kangsheng chuangxiang. ComsenzEXP includes: Discuz! (Forum), SupeSite (CMS), UCenter, and UCenter Home (SNS community ). Lu Songsong often uses ComsenzEXP for one-click installation and can also debug other PHP programs, such as dedecms and phpwind. You only need to put the program in the wwwroot directory and the database in the MySQL data directory.

II. DedeAMPZ-PHP environment integration suite

DedeAMPZ is a server environment management software that directly integrates PHP + Apache + MySql. it is very silly to operate and is suitable for webmasters of intermediate and intermediate levels. Dedecms is used by default. It is easy to install and use, and supports switching between php4 and php5. You can also debug other PHP programs by placing them in the wwwroot directory.

III. Xampp

XAMPP is a powerful local testing platform. Although the panel is in English, it is clear and easy to understand. The advantage of registering as a system service is that it can run automatically upon startup, but it will consume a certain amount of system resources. you can decide on your own. After the installation is successful and the service is started successfully, you can open the browser and enter http: // localhost/to check whether the installation is successful. In the XAMPP webpage options, there is Chinese support, as if many people are using Xampp.

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IV. WampServer

The official website does not have Chinese characters, but the program supports Chinese characters. It can switch between the online and offline statuses. the optional language items are also available in simplified Chinese, which is good.

V. PHPStudy

PHPStudy is different. it contains IIS + PHP and Apache + PHP. The latter is recommended for software. There is also an icon in the task tray. you can open the panel to view the service running status, which is also very simple. One-time installation, which can be used without configuration. it is a very convenient and easy-to-use PHP debugging environment. this program includes not only the PHP debugging environment, but also development tools and development manuals. to learn PHP, you only need one package. for beginners who are new to PHP, it is very difficult to configure the WINDOWS environment. it is also cumbersome for veterans. therefore, whether you are a newbie or veteran, this package is a good choice.

VI. AppServ

The simple WAMP prompts you to change the default port 80 to the service port during program installation. the software does not have a control panel, but all operations are completed by adding shortcuts to the Start menu.

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How to manually install the PHP runtime environment

Generally, the following components need to be installed in the PHP runtime environment: 1: Apache (Apache) Web server software; 2: MySQL (small relational database management system); 3: PHP (php compiling environment); 4: phpmyadmin (MYSQL management); 5: Zend (improving PHP execution speed ).

PHP Installation FAQ

If some such PHP-related services cannot be started, check whether Port 80 on your machine is occupied. check whether port 80 is occupied: open CMD (start-run-enter CMD and press enter) and enter netstat-ano to clearly see the PID of the program occupied by 80 local ports.

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