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When browsing the web, sometimes you may find a set of very beautiful pictures, such as various wallpaper, design materials. According to the traditional method to click on a single download, it is very troublesome. And through some tool software download, but also may download to many useless advertisement picture. How can you quickly download only those pictures you want in the Web?

"Ideas for solving problems"

Now many browsers can install a variety of feature extensions, so we only need to cooperate with the corresponding function expansion, you can achieve the needs of the users of the bulk of the image to save the purpose. For example, the following to introduce the "Fatkun picture mass Download" and "Img2tab" These two extensions, you can greatly improve the user picture download efficiency, can be called "Womanizer" of the download weapon.

"How To solve problems"

Below we use the common Google browser to do the demo. First, through the application store to install the "Fatkun picture bulk Download" This feature extension, installation completed, you can see a picture in the browser toolbar icon. When we browse to a favorite picture page, click on the icon in the toolbar to ask the user if they want to download the "All tags" picture or download only the picture in the current tab. Under normal circumstances, click on the "Current tab" button on it. This time the feature extension begins to help the user crawl all the pictures on the page, and all the pictures will be displayed as thumbnails in the page after the crawl is complete. At the bottom of each thumbnail, the resolution of the picture is shown (Figure 1).

By adjusting the slider for the minimum width or minimum height option in the toolbar, you can easily filter the capture image so that you can avoid downloading to some of the ads that aren't used.

In addition, click on the "Options" button in the Web toolbar to rename the selected picture. In the rename by this option, enter the renamed rule, which avoids the use of the picture when you have more pictures.

When all is done, click the "Save Picture" button at the top of the page to download the entire picture in bulk and save it to the browser's default download folder (Figure 2). If the picture file is not easy to download, you can also click the "Export link" button, you can link these pictures to the form of a list, so you can use the Thunderbolt download software for bulk downloads.

Small tip:

Before downloading the picture through the function expansion, first enters into the Google Browser's Setup window, in "The download content" inside will "ask each file to save the location before downloading" the check to remove. Otherwise, in bulk downloads, a large number of Save prompts will pop up to break your window.

Finally, let's take a look at the "img2tab" feature extension, which is suitable for both Google browsers and Firefox browsers. When the feature extension is installed, click the right mouse button on the picture page to see a "Img2tab" submenu in the menu (Figure 3). By using the commands in the menu, you can extract all the pictures and display them in a new browser tab. Then you can save the picture in bulk by using the browser save page as command. But here's a brief description of the difference between the Actual Images (Single tab) and the linked Images, which means that the current picture is extracted from the page, and the latter is the picture that the picture link points to. So to get the original picture instead of the thumbnail, it's natural to choose the following command.

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