One-click to turn off unresponsive programs in the Win7 system

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Compared to the Windows XP system, the WIN7 system requires a higher configuration of the computer, running Win7 in a low configured computer, and not properly shutting down some special effects, often encountering a program unresponsive phenomenon. Understand the computer is OK, know in the task Manager to turn off the corresponding process, but those who just touch the computer, do not know which process to close, below, I will teach you to create a one-click off the unresponsive program shortcut.

Operation Steps

Right-click the desktop space, and click New--shortcut.

The interface shown in the following figure appears, and we enter taskkill/f/fi "STATUS eq not responding." English-speaking friends will know that it is mandatory to kill the process of not responding to the meaning.

Click Next, and then we'll rename the shortcut.

To complete the creation of shortcuts, right-click the shortcut, select Properties, click the Change Icon button in the Shortcut tab to reset the icon for the style.

Choose a favorite, I chose the scissors of the pattern, very clear to let people know that this is a shortcut to kill the process, we only need to double-click it will be able to kill those who do not respond to the program.

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