One flower, One World, One code, one life, that is, the program life

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One flower, One World, One code, one lifeProgramLife

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Write down the first lineCodeIt has been more than 10 years since now.
As we get older, we can no longer code it all day long. When we get back from work every day, checkout's part-time code is changed to lines, and the job is closed and getting stuck, so we don't want to do anything... maybe this is an ordinary life.

I wrote this article because the classic state of Comrade programmers has aroused memories of the year.ArticleTo encourage students

Programmer, do you still remember how many years ago, how did you start a programmer's life step by step?

Once upon a time, I saw a project always wondering how to display this dialog box?
Now I wantCan I write a general-purpose dialog box that can be used multiple times?

I used to see a post on the forum for course design. I always said I would help you with the course design. After that, I would like to enjoy the course without any money.
Now I have to figure out whether to be lazy. I always repeat the work... I still cannot get the final payment.

Once upon a time, I was always Typing Code 18 hours a day, sleeping at four o'clock, getting up at, and writing
Now we have to rest at, or we won't be able to get up from the next day.

Once upon a time I thought of an idea. Even if I had a dream, I had to jump up and write it down. Then I started programming at dawn.
Now let's think about the best ideas. If you don't have venture capital, you can pull them down. It's better to earn more from honest work and save effort.

Some friends once said that I had an idea to do it together. I said yes, and I will start writing code right away.
Now, I will first ask how many meters a month will be given. Don't disturb my sleep if I don't need food.

I used to borrow books from libraries. I learned how to use technology.
Now I have bought books and often use them as pillows or facades. It would be nice to read the books in sequence.

I used to write code on paper, and then ran to the data center in the middle of the night to start the DOS TC debugging with a floppy disk.
I don't want to write a few words if I drive my computer to steal food every day.

I used to read books in the dark lights of the dormitory corridor at midnight.
Currently, writing programs cannot last until PM.

I thought about it before, can I make it? Do I have to buy a book to learn it first?
Now I want to send new users to the project again. I don't want to bring any white ones.

Once upon receiving the project, I wrote three hundred lines first, and then I tried to change them. Finally, I didn't even know it...
What should I do if I want to design a project? Consider the last week, then discuss a week, and then write the header file three days encoding three days ..

I used to buy a VC instance for the tab page.
Now the code is available for hundreds of times.

I used to think too hard. So many things can't be learned. Where can I start?
Now I think these language frameworks are all the same. I just want to know what to do for two days.

I used to ask a student's sister on the Forum: Can I write a course design? The project will be started immediately.
When I see my little sister's question, I will first ask if there is any truth. If there is any truth, I can help.

Once upon a time, I met a classmate who had a bad computer and asked me to fix it for you. I was a master and didn't fix it well... I just had an excuse to go To the MM dormitory...
The computer is broken: What? I really don't understand this. Find out after-sales...

What a great dream I always wanted to be a project manager after my work
Now, after bringing n more and more tips, I finally found the lead and said, "I should concentrate on writing code ......

Previously... too much bitterness. Although 90% of the technologies have been developed by myself, I still clearly remember the leaders who took me to entry, advanced, and encouraged me, the clearest thing in my memory is that in the legendary machine room filled with parts, the teacher lit the machine with the lid open, shut down, took down the CPU, put it in my hand, and then felt hot, it seems that the CPU has a hot soul.

Ten years ago, I was just a hot-blooded child who could not understand anything. Now I have become a super old man with hundreds of lines of code and dozens of languages, recalling the countless hardships that have taken place since basic, it is still a headache. There are countless pains in this journey. If you have never experienced it, you can't imagine it. Unfortunately, there is no way to experience the gloomy days when no Gu Jie, no du Niang, or even no PC gives you a computer.

So far, I can still recall the first time I typed on a 286 instance. The first time I wrote the joy of going out of the world with FOXBASE on that black and white computer, maybe it was the joy of accumulating a little bit to stick to this day, 10 years of coding has eventually achieved small success

I chose VC that year. Why did I feel terrible when I saw the teacher drag a program on the complex VB interface? The above bird's words were not recognized as spider's web, so when you first see the simple whiteboard interface of VC, you can just say it! This is my life.

I was so confused that I don't know where to start, but I am still confused. I don't know what to learn next, except for the complicatedAlgorithmIn addition, no matter what language, framework, and so on. However, the architecture design that you really want to learn is difficult to improve. Even if you write more, there is no higher-level architect as the leader, or a piece of epiphany that is hard to capture, it is very difficult to make a little progress.

It is no longer difficult to realize the joy of learning a little bit of technology at that time. Every day, we are entangled in bugs, changing demands, and complicated frameworks, maybe this is the most authentic life of the old programmer.

However, don't be discouraged. When you become a programmer, you will be able to create the world. I think of UO in those years, but it is still exciting. Maybe, sticking to the present is also to create a program world for that dream.

One flower, One World, One code, one life, that is, the program life

As a real ape, when reading a piece of code, you will feel it from the bottom of your heart and the author's thoughts, whether it is cow dung or flowers. When you feel it from your heart, there will be a screen, at three o'clock in the middle of the night, another lonely ape, lonely back, quietly knocked on this line of code ..... then, you will know how the bug is generated, whether it is the unintentional loss of the author, or whether the younger brother has nothing to do with his skills. Otherwise, this line of code will become a coffee table sooner or later, you know...

Whenever you chat with colleagues and friends at the dinner table, you always like to curse each other. You are a programmer and your family is a programmer. But I am still proud to be a programmer.

The old dream, like a stack, is stuck at the bottom of the house and does not know when to pop. however, this stack will never be transformed into a queue, so that the dream will be squeezed out and the wind will pass away.

I watched MMS get married and have children one by one. Even I could use soy sauce for push-ups. I still fell in love with my c ++. Sooner or later, one day. I can get rid of enough bugs, buy a house, open a restaurant, open a lot of restaurants, and then accompany my wife and children to play with the dream program world, every house, every tree and every room are made up of code...

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