One-minute distinction between first-class companies, second-tier companies, three-stream companies

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First-class companies busy educating people, second-rate companies busy hiring, three-stream company busy substitution;

First-class companies rely on culture, second-rate companies rely on process, three-flow company by capable;

First-class companies to do the standard, second-rate company to do the brand, three-flow company to do services, four-flow company to do the price;

First-class companies to prepare for a rainy day; second-rate company hardships; three-stream company do eat mountain empty.

First-class manufacturers sell rules, second-rate manufacturers sell technology, three-stream manufacturers sell products, four-stream manufacturers Mater hard;

First-class enterprise manufacturing standards, second-rate enterprise manufacturing brand, three-stream enterprise manufacturing products, four-stream enterprise output services;

First-class company to do the standard, second-rate company to do research and development, three-flow of the company to sell products, four-flow company to do projects, five-stream company to do services;

First-class countries and first-class enterprises to do is the standard, second-rate and second-rate enterprises to do is technology, three-flow of the country and three-stream enterprises to do is service, four-flow of the country and four-stream enterprises to do is the brutal price competition;

First-class enterprise management "model", second-rate enterprise management "brand", three-stream enterprise management "service", four-stream enterprise management "products"; overall: first-class business management standards, rules; second-rate Enterprise management brand, patent technology, culture; three-stream enterprise management products, to engage in price competition; four-stream enterprise Mater hard, Operating menial

First-class enterprises rely on culture, second-rate enterprise by strategy, three-stream enterprises rely on products, four-stream enterprises rely on resources

Three-stream enterprises to do business, second-rate enterprises as a strategy, first-class enterprises dream

First-class enterprises to do the rules, second-rate enterprises to do the brand, three-stream Enterprise services, four-stream enterprise price

First-class enterprises sell dreams and the future, second-rate enterprises to sell standards and rules, three-stream enterprises sell brand and culture, four-stream enterprises sell technology and patents, five-stream enterprise selling services, six-stream enterprises sell products, seven-stream enterprises sell resources (such as capital, etc.), eight-stream enterprises to sell menial labor

First-class enterprise as if, second-rate enterprise for the city, three-stream enterprises do things.

Three-stream enterprises to meet demand, second-rate enterprises to track demand, first-class enterprises to create demand

First-class entrepreneurs do not work, second-rate entrepreneurs do things, three-stream entrepreneurs do not only do things.

First-class entrepreneurs, regardless of the matter, second-rate entrepreneurs both management and steward, three-stream entrepreneur is the steward no matter who

The first-class businessman is shrewd thicken road, second-rate businessman is shrewd and shrewd, three flow businessman is kind thicken road.

First-class enterprises to do culture, second-rate enterprises to do brand, three-stream enterprises to do projects

First-class sales is the concept, second-rate sales are products, three-stream sales is to make money

Three-stream enterprises rely on talent, second-rate enterprise by mechanism, first-class enterprise by culture

First-class team only cooperation not competition, second-rate team work and competition, three flow of the team only competition no cooperation

One minute distinguish first-class company, second-rate company, three-stream company (turn)

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