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One of the GIT series: Version Control Concept, distributed, git introduction and workflow


Git is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.

But it is also the flexibility of git. How to execute a unified process becomes a problem during the implementation of the company. I spent a lot of time developing a solution.

The purpose is to standardize and unify. There is also how colleagues in windows, especially those who are not familiar with command line, can make them understand and feel simple (before that, we thought there were too many concepts and hard to understand; there were many steps, you can't remember it. If you are not careful, you will get wrong and conflict will occur frequently ).

Speaking of windows, git is not as good as Linux in windows, which is also a problem to be considered.

It is also written on the company's wiki. I can get a blog to count it again ~.

Version Control

Simply put, it will be developed locallyCode, Which is regularly pushed to the server. Record the author, time, and description of each modification.

In contrast, we can also pull the code pushed by others from the server and learn about its author, time, modification instructions, and specific modifications.

In this way, Version Control provides great convenience for collaborative development. Even if it is developed by one person, it records our entire development history, which is of great help and value.

For example, if a modification or even a problem occurs throughout the system, it can also help retrieve our precious code.

Distributed version control

Furthermore, the distributed version control tool enables us to have complete functions on the local machine and is more convenient to use without relying on servers. They often provide other useful or powerful functions, such as flexible branch management.


Git is the father of Linux, Linus trovalds. It was established to manage Linux kernel code and is considered to be the top level in distributed version control tools. Intelligent, friendly, strong, and efficient.

Git workflow

1. Use the central server to assist in collaboration;

2. Each person has a branch named by his/her ID on the server;

3. Each person can only push updates to his/her own branch, and cannot push updates to another branch or master;

4. The master node is managed by a dedicated person. When appropriate, other branches of merge (the branches of each person are automatically merge every day at the initial stage of development, and the branches of manual merge passing through review after production );

5. After the code is modified to merge to the master, it will be synchronized to all terminals.

Tip: You can create other branches similar to myid_branchname.

[Tip]: The above is just a concept introduction. For specific operations, refer to: git configuration and Usage Guide under Windows and git advanced functions.

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