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: This article mainly introduces a person's website development. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, you can refer to it. Preface: Some time ago, a friend was preparing to do education-related things. people in Shenzhen and big cities always wanted to pass the exam in their spare time, I listened to a training course and waited to charge myself. I often went to a bookstore where many people attended the course were full and even full of people on the ground. So he thought, could he do the following: as an intermediary platform, he summoned some students (apprentices) who wanted to attend the lectures and some people (Masters, I think a lot of people who have been working for many years will surely have accumulated a lot of dry goods in some aspects. I want to vomit myself as quickly as possible, and at the same time I want to contribute my knowledge while earning my own hard-earned salary, ). The money he received from his apprenticeship was probably the same as that of the master. As for network connections, venues, and so on, all of them can be done, so I want to build a website because I want to do this while working. Therefore, if you want to do this by yourself, and do not want to bother others, ask me for methods. There are three requirements: 1. fast development. 2. later versions can be modified flexibly. (Wordpress still doesn't feel flexible.) 3. if you develop it by yourself, you can use the background of the artist to suit yourself as much as possible. Therefore, this article is available.
Before the official start of writing, let's declare it:
1. pure independent writing has no interest relationship with all parties. it is like chatting with friends and talking about the solution I provided to him. the only one that has a little publicity effect, this is the public account at the bottom of this blog.
2. my friends know a little about computers and a little bit about messy websites. Therefore, the website development I wrote is only tailored for him. it is different from the classic method of Daniel and may be slightly despised.
3. the blog is a collection of Big Gods. if you are inspired by beginners, it cannot be as many words as a white code.
=========== Start of the official content ============================
In theory, a formal website development requires the cooperation of a team to give full play to their respective strengths, website requirement analysis, prototype design, cut graph, front-end artist, back-end code, algorithm design, database design, server configuration, and so on, it still takes some time. So for a beginner, my suggestion is: Don't worry about him, don't you want to develop a website, don't you understand it, first develop it and then, in the development process, when I encountered a problem and found a solution, I learned something about it. when I completed a website, I learned a bit about it and got a perceptual knowledge, it is not too late to study systematically and deeply.
Here is a development idea and implementation method:
Developing a website is probably like this:
1. there is an overall website page, which we call frontend development.
2. when the front-end is ready, the operations such as clicking buttons, links, adding information, and modifying information in the front-end must be encoded in the background.
3. there is a front-end, a back-end, and where to store data. Therefore, databases are needed.
4. after completing the previous call, you can view the website. Next, you need to go to the server to publish the website.
5. The website has been published. if you want someone to access it through a domain name, you need to bind the domain name.
6. let's take a look at it. Let's call it an infinite aftertaste.
Next we will introduce it in detail. (It is recommended that you read it first. do not fall into some details as soon as it comes up)
I. frontend development
1. take a pen and find a piece of paper to figure out what pages are on your website and what each page looks like. if there is no inspiration, you can go online for a while and learn from others' practices.
2. the website may look like I have a good idea. I want to develop it next. don't write code from the beginning. you can use front-end frameworks. I don't want to compare the front-end frameworks, and don't make you have a headache, let's use bootstrap. visit TWITTER'S engineering engineers have developed a lot of websites for use and developed a hybrid network. To put it bluntly, it provides you with css and javascript files. for some page la S and javascript effects, you do not have to write them yourself. you can directly follow the official instructions. You can refer to the official website for specific instructions. don't think people are in English. you don't know a few words. you can try it first.
3. what? I encountered html, css, javascript, and other problems. if you don't understand the problem, I suggest you scan the website for a blind website:, and I should be able to practice it later.
After the first three steps, we should be able to develop a website with similar results. it may be enough to go over the last week.
Note: You do not need to think about how to implement the backend during front-end development? For example, how does one click a button to implement the function? Focus on developing front-end pages. The frontend and backend are separated independently, and only a small amount of integration is required.
2. Background Development
1. if the front-end pages are all developed, we need to implement some functional items on the page. If functions such as registration and login are required, we need to develop them in the background. I also recommend using a framework here, the background development framework is also a sea, so use Thinkphp. the domestic framework is okay, and the routines are quite obvious. URL: what is PHP? I have never learned PHP. I used to learn C #? Java? Wait, don't worry. it won't take long to learn php. The key is to learn ThinkPHP while learning PHP. To learn how to learn ThinkPHP, you can read the official documentation. if you cannot understand ThinkPHP, you can take a look at this buddy's video tutorial: the lecture is still correct.
2. after watching the video tutorial, I still have some questions about MVC and so on. Don't worry. let's move on. it may be easy to understand. who said they couldn't get ahead without understanding it, right?
Note: This process may be a bit difficult, but it is acceptable. after learning it clearly, it will be more flexible to modify it later, at least it feels more flexible than wordpress.
III. database development
1. in the background development process, you need to save some data and use the database, so install mysql. if it is difficult to manage, you can install a visual tool Navicat, if you need to use any tables, you can create any tables. However, you may find it inappropriate to modify the tables later.
2. if the database doesn't understand it at all, you can search for related knowledge on the Internet and get familiar with it. you can create tables, increase or decrease data. Some database operations, using the ThinkPHP framework, are very simple and you don't need to think too much about it yourself.
Note: database development should work with background development. Probably the background development is complete, and the database is almost ready.
4. website publishing
1. there are a lot of servers hosting code, there are charges, there are free of charge, I would like to recommend one, use Sina's SAE, the speed is OK, first find a try, if you have time, try another one. Here, SAE is an SAE version that supports ThinkPHP. Therefore, you can see the results after uploading the code. the published website looks like ****
2. SAE charges fees based on access traffic. if you get a real-name authentication, it will send traffic. it is enough for the initial website. if you are not at ease, you can apply for an intermediate developer, traffic is distributed every month. In the past, Weibo added V to apply for intermediate developers, and Weibo added V to deliver a work photo. Now, I am a medium-level developer who needs to recommend it. I can also help, but I am not very useful anyway.
3. if you want to view it locally, you can install an Apache. it is not difficult to deploy it.
Note: to release the product, I think there should be no difficulty. Although I used to die with Sina, I made an advertisement for him selflessly today. on behalf of Sina, I would like to thank myself. (Please do not say I am naughty)
5. domain name binding
1. if the website has been built, you can use your own domain name if you feel that **** is poor.
2. go to godaddy and apply for it. why is it godaddy? if everyone else says yes, I will use it. anyway, I applied for two domain names and it has never been very useful.
3. if you have a domain name, you can log on to the SAE background and bind it to the domain name. The operation steps are described in detail.
6. endless aftertaste
1. after a series of previous processes, a website that you think can still be born.
2. what else do you want to learn in the process.
3. after a website is developed, this template can be saved and used by others.
4. after many years, you will feel that your website is low, but what can you do.
I have talked a lot about it. if you have any questions, I hope it will help you.
Reprinted with the author's consent
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The above introduces a person's website development, including some content, and hopes to help friends who are interested in PHP tutorials.

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