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Six months ago, following the business summary, entrepreneurship 1.5 "failure" novelty also released a summary.

The formula is still the same, or the same flavor. I am not disappointed, and I am more in a mood of schadenfreude. Not my cruel, not my face and skin. When you are disappointed again, when he is neglected again, the sentiment is reasonable.

What's more, what I hate most is "hot face stick cold butt". I raised my thoughts and opinions in a very strong way, and was ignored directly, or nodded and did nothing.

I want to be a successful game, I try to do the best things, but I can only do my own job to do the best, because I am only a client program ape. Other things I want to control but can not control, I want to change but can not change.

I want to be a gimmick, have fun, and be able to kill time, because this is what I want to play now.

However, from the point of view of the charge point (commonly known as the pit), the planning will take into account the output from the system, all of them feel that they are right, and no one realizes that we are drifting away on the wrong path.

They often say two words, "this thing to do as I say, out of the question I pay/responsible for" "Your idea is just code you one's opinion."
Even if the final project fails, it never realizes that one of its own wrong decisions is responsible. is still giving the staff a vision that looks very good, but it seems to me completely impossible to achieve.
The first project, though failed, was at least on the line. And can get a drop in the income. During the period of operation for a large half year. Now it seems that the most basic failure is:
1, the UI is too ugly. First impressions are bad.
2, play too little, not let the player continue to play the power.

The second project is a cottage "Princess Tent 2" game. "Angry Birds" gameplay plus RPG elements. The project was directly stillborn. And the procedure is basically completed in the case of the stop.

No one summed up the cause of the failure.

In my opinion:
1, the UI is too ugly. First impressions are bad. That's not what I said, it's what the operator said. I said before I say what you do not understand the beauty of art. Program planning consistent feel very ugly. But the art is determined not to change (or perhaps because we are embarrassed to say that this is too ugly.) can only knock sideways).
2, the completion of the project is low. The numerical system has been stranded because of the lack of numerical planning. Levels and monsters are also slow to configure. Half a year of time planning to provide 3 maps, and when we say this need to complement the time and vowed to say one months time can be configured with 100 maps. The credibility is very low.
3, not a performance plan to control the overall scene style and skill effect. Our plan does not know what kind of effect we want, just know we have to do a skill, do not feel comfortable and then change.

The map element is very ugly, but the art does not think it is very ugly, does not care about the performance of the game at all. Just a plan to ask for, need a character, need a light effect, need a map object, and then art to do such a thing. Planning does not know what style and performance is perfect, art is like a factory has produced one after another resources.
4, the playability is very low.

Not like the Princess awning can have very expressive character modelling and skills to support the scene. And unlike traditional hand-tours, there are elements that can repeat the challenge of repeating brushes.

The whole PVE process seems monotonous.
5, did not pay attention to the subject matter. At the very beginning, I proposed. We want to do Three Kingdoms theme, Control Zhao Yun, Guan Yu to fire Chibi.

This time the core point of the game is not in the challenge of the level, but in the formation of the characters and the level of the monster configuration. But the leadership and planning agreed that the Three Kingdoms have been rotten. And our art may not be able to design Zhao Yun and Guan Yu. So our plan is not limited to the Three Kingdoms, but the historical figures of the big fight. But finally the design of the thing is a small witch, big Sword Division, magician, Archer, completely imitate the Princess tent special. Not a bit of a feature.

So the operator questioned, this game with Princess Awning and Princess walk You (there is a cottage Princess tent game) where the difference.

How to promote the homogeneity of the serious.

I have mentioned 5 times about the subject matter. Finally all have nothing, even planning also said "the theme is not important, the player will not pay attention to the plot." Anyway, I can't agree with that view. A good subject can greatly improve the player's identity, players play time also more feel, players play Zhao Yun, Naruto, Captain Sao Feng certainly than play Big Sword master, magician to have more feeling.

Why do we make the same mistake over and over again? Because we are reconciled, we do not recognize the mistake. Without good lessons learned, the final result must be one more failure. For example, the third project, leadership and planning only summed up the lessons of the art resources we outsource. Let's say we can think about what kind of game we're going to play and why the players are playing this game. Players are playing with a cool and uncomfortable time. We do the game ourselves will not play. Let's assume that we have all these questions figured out. Then we have the ability to one go to do a game. Otherwise we will only be more confused, more and more do not have confidence.
For example, a second project. Our project manager (in fact, planning) didn't even think about what a perfect game we wanted to be like.

What kind of performance is acceptable to us. What kind of skills are we like and what kind of system is intact.

Planning of the energy are put on the writing of the plan, the value of what no one to do, the performance of what is also no matter, just the last boss to mention the opinion, that good, we optimize. As for the game features. Our holes are deep in our mouths. Our equipment enhancement system is more in line with China's hand-tour. We've got a robbery intrusion system. But are these the reasons for attracting players?

Our team's illness is rooted in the idea that we have never set our position. We don't know that we are a startup team.

We are a new company that is independent from the parent company. Although we are very small (to tell the truth, there are 20 supposedly people) but we are a company. So the leader will use the management company's attitude to manage the staff. The plan will use the big company's way of doing things to guide the start-up company's game project.

We never consider the past to do a single-hand tour (for example, the Ninja must die, every day cool run) to do is to do online games. But from the people's ability to say that we hold a large project.

In my opinion, the entrepreneurial team should be seven or eight people together to work together to fight, the members can be a no-no-compromise to give advice, finally everyone to make a heart comfortable game. But now the reality is. Art does not play the meaning of the game, like a factory on time to do the resources to do it bob.

I'd like to participate. But the suggestion was ignored N times and discouraged. We do not sit together to discuss our game how to do, our art how to do, our function how to design, we have no good creative point. What else can the program provide technical support.

Opinions cannot be mentioned. It doesn't look good on everyone's face. It's not all right to say who's not.

We can only encourage the way to continue to "please" to "beg". It's a hell of a team to be successful.

What kind of team can start a successful business? I can only imagine.
1, to have a bold leadership. He can bring in plenty of money and recruit the right people. Procedures, planning, art indispensable. The program expresses the thought of planning and presents the content of art.  Which place is the short board will greatly add the probability of failure. The money is also very important, today's hand tour is not like two years ago, not a millions of or do not think in the hands of the field of fishing money.

Suppose only 100w still want to make a lot of money, but I do not have a clear want to do the game, it almost with the World Cup 100w buy Brazil win the same.

Looked as if can make, but accidentally all lost in. There is a millions of chance of a few more failures, and the lessons learned are likely to be successful.
2, talent is very important, as if you do not know a chef do not want to open a restaurant. No art, planning, procedures of the reliable friend (indispensable). And his social recruit some employees, it is purely self-pit themselves. When I first came here, the program owner (friend) said, our art is perfect out of, our planning are the Net dragon out, on a familiar hand to swim the program. But the reality is very cruel, from the perfect out of the main beauty has never painted anything. Also will not supervise other art's finished product effect, do not know what to do every day. But the Lord and the United States is the leader of the Good brothers. Say no, scold not. Have to give it a good supply.
3, Personnel management is very important. The same is more than 20 employees. The COC maker made billions of, but our team burned millions of.

A lot of employees are idle, every day's work is on the Internet, play games, and then work on time. In fact, I am now idle, when the second item is suspended, the new task is not assigned. I also do the ARPG game that I want to do every day in the company. Our company is a perfectly formed. We have a product manager. An operations manager, two project managers, two master planners, one master beauty. Two main course, one financial, one assistant, two QA, plus a group of fine arts and programs of the younger brother, for example, me. Client program Ape. We have just separate into the company when the division, set up a research and development, research and development of two, research and development three, operations, art department, Planning department and so on.

All I think about is how to make everyone a team, but we have to cut ourselves.

4, a good game development direction is very important. I don't know what the world's hand-playing home is all about, but I know what is a game's highlight, what is a game of the cool point, what a game gimmick. What is a promotion point for a game. Our third project is the theme of the king of Boxing. Although there is no IP authorization, but we do not hesitate to do.

When it comes to boxing, my first reaction is to do a horizontal version of the game, similar to the king of Combat. No one agrees, considering the horizontal version of the game many, this I recognized. I thought of another idea back then. Combine the Nordic Goddess's combat system with the king of boxing. Do a very cool RPG game. No one has ever done this on the market, assuming it's a really cool game when it's done. Imagine that you can control a character attack by clicking on a character button, and then you can release the Super kill when the combo slot is full.

This system perfectly blends the feel of the fist combo and the elements of the RPG. And because the attack time is in the hands of the player, it can produce a ever-changing battle experience.

But such a perfect proposal has nothing to do with it.

What did we decide to do in the end? Probably the legend of the turret + I am the Hero + self-innovation. If this game succeeds, then my worldview will be broken.
5, good version number planning is very important.

Suppose the fixed version number is changed by various objective reasons. Drag and drop, that must be where the problem.

As a program, it is possible for some reason to predict the wrong time, after all, writing a new game from scratch is not an already intact game to add new features, inevitably caused some delay. This time the process of accumulation is very important. This time I refactored the code for some reason and delayed it for a week. The same mistake will not be made again after that. On the contrary, assuming that the process orders do not accumulate, then make the same mistake over and over again, we will certainly be in.

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One year and unqualified enterprise summarizes half, what kind of team's success and

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