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Article Description: 10 Highlights of Internet online activity.

Usually the site to pull some new users, or active old users will do some online activities, through I have done or participated in some activities, think that the following 10 points is very important:

First, the big prizes should be chosen.

1, to "luxury": This is the luxury of users, not for the site, to choose the target users usually want, but also feel more luxurious things, but also more willing to show off with others things. Here comparison around, I give an example, for a woman 8000 yuan RMB and 8000 yuan LV bag is different!

2, the user has the concept: send a User A 4-bit QQ number, how many users can know how much money he is worth?

Second, the activities of simple direct

1, the theme simple direct: Simple direct, the best 5 seconds to see understand, do not let users feel to do a lot of things to get the prize.

2, the product is simple direct: too complex user churn too much, as long as the activity to achieve the target can. If you have the ability to allow the event to be completed in 1 minutes, tell the user in front of it that it takes up to 1 minutes to participate in the event, giving the user an expectation.

3, the theme can not not: this is very deadly, the activity has no theme, the user saw a half-day did not understand why give me a prize, did not understand is not too dare to take, dare not believe will be true, participation will not pass.

Iii. No activities for activities

It is not possible to do activities for the purpose of doing activities.

Activities must have a purpose, such as: Taobao want to let users do not know Taobao to understand what the site is doing.

Small A has an activity: to see 4 pages there is a chance to win the lottery.

Small B has an activity: to see 4 items you are interested in, there is a chance to win the lottery.

The same two activities, ultimately can stay the user which many! Small A's active users only care about the page, but not the content of the site. Of course, we can't expect every one of us to be of high quality.

Iv. the feeling and authenticity of lively activities

1, feeling lively: Let the user feel that there are already a lot of people in attendance. People have from the price of psychology, if you come to see the activity of the page, the top does not see how many people you participate in, you will not have the bottom of the psychological.

2, Authenticity: To allow users to believe that the prize is true, is really sent, here side can do a lot of functions to solve.

V. Communication with users in the station

Now no matter whether the SEM and the website station or the television and other advertisement media, the price is not cheap. If you can launch your own station to help you preach, is a very good thing.

1, the user in the station do not have money, do not need white.

2, the station's users know more about your site, some activities more easily transmitted.

But if you really let these people explode, think about why these people want to pass it on to you.

1. What's the good of him?

2, why should the person involved in the transfer, what is the benefit?

In other words, the emphasis in this benefit is on both sides, not unilaterally.

Six, small prizes also need to have

The prize is bound to be slim, then the role of the small prize begins to play. I give a pull example, if 80% of people only pull a person, then you tell him to pull three people can get a small prize.

Usually we seldom win the lottery, users do not care about the price of your prize at this time, and care about the "prize", then he had a little effort to have, but calculate down you still earn, pull a you pay the money is much cheaper ah, and, how many people can really pull to three.

Seven, real-time monitoring and feedback

1, Product monitoring: Add real-time monitoring points, all points can be cloth on the entire cloth, at any time from the data to see the event.

2, listen to the user voice: call to participate in the user to ask the situation, to see whether the target to see if they can do better. Call to the user who did not participate, asked why not to participate, where there is a problem?

3, passive listening to external voice: customer service to have, and timely resolution of user problems, while collecting activities in the product issues. Also listen for external positive and negative noises about the product.

Eight, fast on-line

1, the on-line cycle must be short: the best half day or one line a day, the problem row priority, a version.

2, the data must be real-time: if today on an activity, the effect of good or bad second genius know, or do not do.

Nine, at any time to stimulate the participation of users

Active users are aware of the activities, they are again back to participate or say the next activity and you play is very important, in the course of activities, if the user left your site, find a way to pull him back to play is very important.

Ten, everyone involved in the event to sit together

Activities of the project manager, product managers, design, development, customer service, monitoring ... When everyone wants to sit down together, everybody is very aware of the current activities, can stand from the point of view of the activities of the problem and where they can do better.

The above is I think the internet activity is more important 10 points, some point inconvenient to say too thin, hope understanding, for reference!

Author: Child Mouse

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