Online Learning: three major difficulties for beginners from Python

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PS: The following is a problem that I sent to me by a younger brother about how he learned python. This is consistent with the problem that itcast hopes to solve. The following is my reply to him.
To XXX: Very helpful. Now we are trying to solve these three problems.
Scaffolding-how to design a good course navigation and guide students to get started quickly and step by step-the key is simple enough
Practice --- provide a good Virtual Environment --- this is something we did not think of before-"Virtual Machine" is a good idea-the key is stable enough
Control-what we want to solve most-Questions and Answers, homework feedback, emails, and text message reminders are currently being performed, and whether to add phone reminders based on future costs-the key is effective enough.

The following is my original email
Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
For example, if I want to learn Python now, my difficulties include:
1. Learning-no learning scaffolding dedicated for entry (key: simple enough)
Without a practical scaffold, I can quickly learn the knowledge structure required by python, the composition of key knowledge modules, the evolutionary tree of the Python language, and the most important examples that I can use to practice.
(1) Searching for books: There are a lot of online search reference books, but I don't know which one is suitable for me.
(2) webpage searching: There is no tool that can direct me to a page as simple as possible. I can get started with Python without a second-level page.
(3) Ask A Teacher: if you tell me that the code is desktop rather than web, I still don't know how long it will take to debug it ), wouldn't it be more difficult to know you?
There are countless people on the Internet who have written countless materials, but for cainiao like me, it is information noise. This is about the great achievements of Guido and Django, there is also a comparison between Python and Ror, and it will be dizzy when you look at it ......
2 practice-no "ideal gas" Environment (key: stability)
The configuration of each machine is slightly different. Therefore, Operations Based on others' documents will always cause minor errors. (For veterans, it is possible to diagnose and solve the problem twice, which is fatal for new users. It does not take down morale for two hours if it is a small mistake)
Is it possible to provide a virtual machine tool that allows me to get started without any inexplicable errors?
3 Control-no one (or a tool) supervises and controls the learning process (in fact, this is the most important ......)
This is the most fundamental reason. If I had to learn more, I threw it away after a few hits. In particular, control tools are necessary for people like me who have a divergent mindset.


Four days in total,

It took two or three hours to train your hands on the first day because of several minor debugging errors.

The next day, I tried to find an instance and found a desktop program code. When the web program was debugged, it was a waste of time.

On the third day, I want to add some basic knowledge, and the result is lost in the sea of unfamiliar terms and hyperlinks.

On the fourth day, the outstanding book was delivered. In addition to the helloword program completed on the first day, this book contains no instance suitable for new users to practice. (most examples are "decomposition actions ", solve specific technical problems, and as a newbie, I want to quickly develop something as insightful and fulfilling as helloworld ). Ask tech experts. The answer is often: We don't read books, just Google ......

On the fifth day, the system crashed. Later, I was too lazy to install Python and configure the Local Web server.

There are many similar examples.

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