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CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPS advertisements. Therefore, friends in the advertising alliance industry should choose CPM, CPC, and CPA because the money is fast and cheating is easy, but here we want to tell you that if you just want to earn some pocket money, you don't have to continue reading it. If you want to become a real or professional advertising alliance promoter, if you want to get huge benefits from the Alliance, please read this article with patience and hope it will help you!

If you want to advertise A consortium, first understand the consortium's operation and profit model. The adsortium consists of three subjects: Advertiser, promoter, and C: consortium. advertisers serve advertisements, which are distributed by the Alliance to promoters for promotion. Advertisers need advertising effects. Ultimately, they need to get real customer consumption, such as recharge and shopping, there is no free lunch in the world, and no advertiser is willing to pay a large amount of advertising fees for a bunch of fake registration or click. I believe that you can understand it through empathy, we can see at a glance that the alliance's advertising model will be dominated by CPS in the future. CPM, CPC, and CPA are believed to have been done by everyone, and most people believe they have tried cheating, I also believe that most people know that cheating traffic only causes losses to advertisers for no benefit. Therefore, large domestic advertising alliances can turn to a large number of CPS advertisements to convert advertising commissions based on the quantity of actually sold products!

That's right, CPM, CPC, and CPA make money quickly and cheat fast, but I dare say that the profits are definitely small, except for large websites, after all, one hundred promoters may not have one website with tens of thousands of real IP addresses each day. Therefore, if you use the cheating method, the alliance and advertisers may not pay attention to it a few days ago, once the volume is reached, you are immediately in danger of being blocked! If you have worked hard to cheat for a period of time, you may get 0. Of course, this cannot blame the alliance. Who told us to cheat? There are no such good things in the world. Advertisers are losing money to make a lot of money!

Therefore, the topic here is a mode in which advertisers want you to earn more and better. Of course, it is CPS. The more consumption you guide, the more advertisers earn. Similarly, if you are an advertiser, are you willing to bring you the real-consumption membership code? Naturally, it is unwilling!

Yes, some people have said that CPS is hard to do. I admit that it is really hard to do it. But if you have mastered the promotion skills, you will definitely be able to make money in the current and future advertising industry, what are tips? The following is an example:

To myth 365 promotion alliance, first of all, you must understand the advertising policy description to the current CPAS, it is recommended to register 1 yuan/s, successful orders 5 yuan/pen, however, there must be a 3% successful order rate, which is definitely a good business opportunity. So don't be happy, the method is not proper. If you don't make any money, first understand the advertisement content ~~~ Well, the content of the advertisement is clothing mall, mainly women's clothing, and both groups. After learning about this, the direction is there. It's very simple. First, let's think about it, who, first, I must be a girl. second, it is the shop owner. Where are these two types of people? There are more women's forums, fashion and life websites, clothing websites, and customers who need to buy women's clothes everywhere. In addition, Taobao stores, Pat, and merchants who need women's clothing supply everywhere, these are your goals. They will generate successful orders for you in the future. They will spend a month promoting them everywhere. Conservatively, there will be 50 registered orders and 2 successful orders every day, it is 60 yuan, so there is a profit of 1800 yuan in a month. however, if you have 10 agents registered for one month, you have to be happy. The agent just needs to pick up one item every day, and 10 orders every day, you will get 50 yuan, and 1500 yuan a month or even more people will earn. The main reason is that you are careful, understand the content of the advertisement, and select the right place for promotion. The money will naturally make a good profit, there is no danger of being banned. If you seal you up, The Advertiser will commit suicide. No one will promote the customer. How can this problem be solved? I hope this article will inspire you!

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