Only one person can be killed in ten steps.

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It is said that Chuang Tzu is a swordsman, "killing one person in ten steps without leaving a thousand miles" can be described as "the world is invincible ".
Wei Wang heard that he was excited and asked Chuang Tzu to use the sword. Chuang Tzu has three self-speaking Kendo. Name: tianzijian, zhoujian, and.

The sword of the son of heaven, with yanxi Shicheng as the front, Qi Dai as the, Jin Wei as the ridge, Zhou Song as the, Han Wei as the clip; bag to four Yi, wrapped in four hours, around the Bohai Sea, with Changshan; System with five elements; theory with criminal virtues; opening with yin and yang, holding with spring
Autumn and autumn. The sword is straight ahead, and the case is no more than the case, and the case is no more than the cloud. This is an easy-to-use sword. This day, the son of the sword is also.

The sword of the princes, with the knowledge warriors as the front, with the integrity of the secret, with the sage as the ridge, with the loyal Saint secret as the secret, with the hajeshi as the clip. This sword has no way to go, no way to go, no case, no way to go;
Following the three lights, the following method is to follow the four hours, and the central and public opinions are to the security of the four villages. This sword is used, such as the earthquake of thunder, within four, all the guests served and obeyed the death of the Lord. The sword of these princes is also.
The sword of the common people, burst his hair and bow his crown, Man Hu's ghost, short after the clothing, eyes and difficult words. Before the attack, the upper neck collar, down the Liver Lung, this common sword.

Chuang Tzu said that it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has been widely used. Future generations follow the sages and admire their demeanor. Often, the sighs of the King of Wei -- a cool sword and a good sword of heaven. However, the root cause of this solution is that the intention of Zhuangzi is never here. Chuang Tzu said: "The King of the present has a son of heaven
The secret of the common man steals the secret of the king ."
The true idea of Chuang Tzu is to "seek for his political power in his position", and to learn the "tianzi sword" for the son of heaven. It is not ridiculous to be an ordinary sword for the emperor, but not for the common man? Clear the truth, it will
Understand: the sage changes from time to time because of the situation. When it is a common person, the XI is holy; when it is a prince, the XI zhuhou sword is holy; when it is a day, the XI tianzi sword is holy. Therefore, no matter whether it is clothing, Jinyi or longpao, it can be superb

Which of the following is better? I think that the sword of common people is the most brilliant. Why? Born as a person, the only one who can always stay with the trend, only the sword of common people. Sage, when the trend
And sometimes. However, the shift in potential transactions is the greatest Avenue in the world. The so-called "when we come to heaven and earth to work hard, the hero is not free to transport", to the overlord of the peerless hero, there are also "when the negative will not die" sigh. Therefore, the common
The sword has the ultimate value that tianzijian and zhoujian cannot replace. Think of that year, Tang xiaofujian stood up and said, "Ten Steps of blood splash, the world is simple, today is also. What we refer to is the common sword. The colors of Qin Wang are scratched, And I kneel to thank you, I
Can we be indifferent to others?

Sun believes that there are also swords and common swords in the workplace. The following is an example of the IT workplace.
What is the "Common sword" of IT people? There are different opinions. Some people think it is a programming capability, some think it is a qualification certificate, and others think it is a company strength ...... All these are biased.

This is an unpredictable era. Java and C # cannot give you a single sword. The so-called "programming ability", the upper neck collar, the lower decision Liver Lung, but five years. Infiltration is too deep, and sooner or later there will be shame
. The "Qualification Certificate" is also common. Cisco certificates have also been in silence for only five years. It seems that all the qualification tests are in full swing. However, the tests are useless if they are not useful. This situation
Why? Let's talk about "company strength". Microsoft has been around for just over ten years. Apple and Facebook were born when Google's boss was not hot. Last year, a friend
I jumped out of Microsoft and joined Baidu. Ask him why? Q: Is it okay?
In this era, we are both worried and worried. We are always in a dilemma. Where is the sword? Where is Kendo? People are confused.

What is the "common sword" in the workplace? -- Communication. This is the only sword that can always be on its side.

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