Only three steps, WPS text easy to insert structure diagram

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Usually work will need to draw a structure chart, this tutorial for you to introduce how to insert the structure in the WPS2012 diagram, the following a look at it.

Operation Steps

1, open the WPS text, select the View--toolbar--Drawing, the Drawing toolbar to the interface. Click on the Horizontal text box options, complete the following figure, the main content, right-click the text box, select the Format object, you can change the background color.

2, in the Drawing toolbar Select AutoShape--connector--direct arrow connector, to connect the vertical relationship of the text box, select the elbow double arrow connector to connect the text box is not vertical.

3, when connected to the attention of the text box, such as small dots after the direct connection, so that the text box to move, the connector can also be moved. The following diagram, the structure of the organization diagram production completed.

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