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I. OverviewOverview

Open CascadeGeometric tools in (Geometry utilities) Provides the following functions:

L create a graph through interpolation and ApproximationCreation of shapes by interpolation and Approximation

L direct graph ConstructionDirect Construction of shapes

L convert a curve to a surfaceBSpline and SurfaceConversion of curves and surfaces to bspline curves and surfaces

L calculate coordinate points on 2D and 3D CurvesComputation of the coordinates of points on 2D and 3D Curves

LCalculation of extrema between shapes

Ii. interpolation and ApproximationInterpolation and Approximation

In geometric modeling, interpolation and approximation methods are often used to obtain interpolation curves (curves) and approximation curves (curves ). Constructing a curve order through these given data points is called Interpolation of this data point, and the constructed curve is called the interpolation curve.

In some cases, a curve is not required to strictly pass a given set of data points, and only the constructed curve is required to be the closest to the given data point in a certain sense, it is called the approximation of some data points, and the constructed curve is called the approximation curve.

Interpolation and approximation are collectively referred to as fitting (Fitting), The concept of curve interpolation and approximation can be extended to the surface. During the interpolation process, the Interpolation Curve or surface passes through all data points. Approaching a curve or surface is just as close as possible to these data points.

1. Provided FunctionsThe services provided

LGprop: PackageGprop(Global Properties. Global attributes include:

I. length, area, volume;Length,Area,Volume;

Ii. center of gravity;Center of mass;

Iii. Inertial Axis;Axis of inertia;

Iv. Moment of Inertia;Moments of inertia;

V. Ring animation radius;Radius of Gyration;

L point set analysis (Analysis of a set of points): ClassPequationIt can be used to analyze a series of points and test whether they are consistent, collocated, and common within a given precision range. If yes, the so-called point, line, and surface are calculated. If not, the minimum surround box containing all points is calculated.

LGeom2dapi: In6.5.0But find the packageGeomlib, Where interpolation can also be performed.


Pdf version: geometry utilities of open cascade modeling data


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Open cascade model geometric data of Public Utilities

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