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In the IE8 browser interface, we are very accustomed to seeing an RSS icon. In IE9, this icon has become less obvious, and by default, the RSS icon is not visible. We can open the RSS feeds in the browser in the following two ways.

Method 1: Use the hotkey to open the Tools menu

This is not the most obvious, but it is the quickest method and does not affect the layout options of the IE9 Default user interface.

Press the ALT key in IE9 to open the Tools menu. In the selection source discovery, you can find your RSS or ATOM link.

Method 2: Enable command bar

There are some differences in the visual style of IE8 and IE9, but the RSS icon can also be displayed in the command bar. The IE9 command bar is hidden by default, so our second option is to right-click the tool icon. (You can actually right-click any icon and other blank space)

The context menu appears, and then just click on the command bar.

Now you can obviously see the RSS icon.

PS:IE9 interface Overall performance is relatively simple, but by comparing with the current several mainstream browser interface to make a comparison can be seen, Microsoft in the IE9 design or the next some kungfu, IE9 will belong to their own simple embodiment of the same time, and did not lose its stable characteristics. I feel this IE9 interface design is completely in line with my habits.

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