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OFBiz is an e-commerce platform, is a very well-known open source project, provides the creation based on the newest J2ee/xml specification and the technical standard, constructs the medium and large enterprise level, the Cross-platform, the cross database, across the application server multi-layer, the distributed electronic Commerce Class Web application System framework. The main feature of OFBiz is that OFBiz provides a complete set of components and tools for developing java-based Web applications. Includes entity engine, service engine, Messaging engine, workflow engine, rule engine, etc.

Installation Steps

L Java 1.6 (at least) SDK

L Unzip the release file and open the newly generated directory

L Use command Line (CMD) to compile the system with the following command (including demo data):

Ant Load-demo Start

(use "./ant" instead of "ant" on Linux)

L use a browser to access Http://localhost:8080/catalog

L Use username "admin", password "ofbiz" Login system

System Experience:

Note: This version is a relatively early version, the new version of the interface does not necessarily look like this.

Open Http://localhost:8080/ecommerce access to the foreground page. Can be seen and Taobao is more similar.

Note: OFBiz is supported in Simplified Chinese.

Click to open an item's details page as shown in the following illustration:

Register the new user page as shown in the following figure.

View the shopping cart page as shown in the following figure.

Open the Https://localhost:8443/webtools Access Administrator page. Various management tools.

PS: The page is pretty cool.

The following illustration shows a feature that opens a financial management.

OFBiz Project Home:

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