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The old game developer ID has a tradition of opening source code to the public after several years of use of a game engine product. Now, epic games has joined this line and announced the opening of the famous Unreal Engine 3 (Unreal Engine 3 ). Although there is no open engine source code, developers can download the unreal Development Kit (udk) Development Kit for free from now on and can create independent ue3 engine games.

Unreal Engine 3 is one of the most popular game engines in recent years. Based on it, it has made countless great achievements. Apart from "virtual fantasy arena 3, it also includes "War Machine", "Rainbow 6 Vegas", "edge of the mirror", "Medal of Honor: Airborne Troops", "mass effect", "bioshock" series, and "borderlands. The open udk today includes the complete Unreal Engine 3 development function. In addition to the basic level editing tool unreal editor, the components also include:

Unreal content browser material Browser

Unrealscript Object-Oriented Programming Language

Unreal Kismet visual script System

Unreal matinee film-based Scenario Control System

Unreal cascade particle physical effect and environmental effect Editor

Unreal phat modeling tool that supports NVIDIA physx physical Engine

Unreal lightmass light editor

Animset viewer and animtree editor skeleton and Muscle Movement Simulation

Udk is currently only for PC games, but epic says they are considering opening up the development of Xbox 360 and PS3 games in the future. In terms of authorization, non-commercial and teaching use is completely free. To sell the game to the market, you need to contact the epic for payment authorization.

The installation capacity of the udk Development Kit is 562 MB, and will be provided free of charge for future updates. Its minimum system requirements are:

?? Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista

?? GHz or above Processors

?? 2 GB memory

?? Support for Shader Model 3 graphics card

?? 3 GB hard disk space

Recommended Configuration

?? Windows Vista 64 SP2

?? 2 GHz or above multi-core processors

?? 8 GB memory

?? NVIDIA 8000 series or above

?? Large disk space

Download udk development kit:

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