Open source Enterprise IM, free enterprise instant messaging software-entboost Cloud Communications platform Windows (r174) version number announced

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After the tireless efforts of all members of the Embu team, according to the original plan, the second open source version number, Embu Enterprise Interconnect im,entboost 0.2.0 (R174beta), was released today (May 14), and the main features support text, emoticons, pictures, file sharing, Voice video, Cloud disk, group, offline messages and other functions; free open Embu 900 online customer service system, Android mobile client online customer service, open client source code, Support PC SDK Api,rest API, Android SDK and other interfaces, Support the docking enterprise internal various business system;

Entboost is a cross-platform, cross-application of real-time communication open platform, Embu Network is committed to providing cross-terminal, cross-application information in real-time exchange open source solution;

Open Source project Address: Http://

Embu Communication Technology Forum:

Embu Development Documentation Center:

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