Open source is a kind of culture, a kind of spirit

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Open source is a kind of culture, a kind of spirit

Open source is the Open-source code that everyone can understand. Open Source was born in the software industry, and in the spring of 1997, some leaders of the free Software Society gathered to California State. The community includes people such as Larry Augustin, president of Ericraymond,timo's Rerlly,va, who are concerned with finding ways to promote this idea to people who used to avoid the idea of free software. They worry that the Free Software Foundation's anti-commerce creed will give people a wide berth in free software.

With Eric Raymond's insistence, the group agreed that what they lacked was a marketing campaign aimed at winning ideas, not just market share. The results of the final discussion resulted in a new term describing the software they were advancing: open source (open source). They have developed a set of guidelines that describe which software can qualify to be called open source software.

The above open source we call it narrow open source. In fact, open source not only represents the opening of software source code, but open source itself means free, sharing and making full use of resources. Open source is a kind of spirit, open source is a kind of mandarin. We refer to this definition as broad open source.

Broad open source far more than the emergence of a narrow open source much earlier, broad open source with the development of human history, from ancient times to the broad open source everywhere. In 1642, Newton, born in a remote village called your Sopo in England, discovered gravitation and, driven by the idea of open source, made it all public, thus making a qualitative change in human development. If he applied for a patent for gravitation, he would use intellectual property protection. The consequences are unthinkable. 1879, Edison after tens of thousands of experiments, the world's first batch of carbon filament incandescent lamp came out. It is the broad sense of open source thought that these technologies are taken for granted to be fully disclosed. However, with the development of society, with people's desire for money to increase the occupation. First of all, in the Software field has produced a closed mind, software development technology patents, commercialization, leading to the software technology itself can not be benign development. Now, the formal narrow open source thought will bring the software industry back to the broad open source thought. Open source will become the future trend of software industry development or final situation. Once the software industry was only in a period of time because of the business company's aggravating to enter the bad development period. Now we need to build the open source community the most urgent is to ask people from the ideological open source, Gongxinweishang, only so the open source of software can be realized, the sharing of resources to achieve.

Since the creation of Linux Linus Torvalds, open source ideas in the software industry is flourished. So, what is open source? In short, "open source software" is the source code open software. For ordinary users, open open source is not really meaningful, they care about charge, because most open source software is free download, so a mention of open source software, a lot of people's first reaction is free software, to the general user said also may not be. But for business users, the meaning of open source is different, first, it can reduce the development cycle, because the source code is open, only a little modification can be embedded into the product, and secondly, it can reduce costs, free lunch is not necessarily difficult to eat (and some open source software to charge, but the price is relatively low).

Since the idea of open source originated in the computer software industry, so far, the type of open source products of computer class, the quantity are many, the use is also more extensive. As in the operating system domain, Linux occupies a considerable portion of the server market and continues to expand, with about 75% of the slice servers sold by IBM running Linux operating systems; On the web, more than 50% of the world's Web servers are using the open source Apache system Database, there are lightweight database MySQL for Internet applications, as well as PostgreSQL for large applications, the back-end database of China's largest portal site Sina uses open source MySQL database software. Other very popular software, such as the GNU editing software Emacs, Linux graphics processing interface Xfree86, typesetting software TeX and so on, have been widely used.

Kai-Fu Lee bluntly: there is no open source there is no Google today

enet Silicon Valley Power News, "2006 Open source China Open source world-open standards, open source architecture, open source ecosystem and Application Solutions Summit Forum" in Beijing. Companies such as IBM, Intel, Google, SUN, HP, Red Flag, and winning software have all arrived to express their views on open standards, open source architecture, open source ecosystem, intellectual property, business model, application solutions, and open source talent training.

Although none of these multinationals are really open source software providers or even a pure software company, these international giants are actively "showing off" to open source and developing them based on open source software. It is easy to see that the impact of open source and the industrial chain is indeed expanding.

"Google's backstage, using a lot of open source technology, and open source partners also have quite a lot of cooperation," said Li Kai-Fu, the global vice President of Google Inc., in a candid meeting. Google in a number of open source areas are very grateful to the open source community, or even to say that there is no open source, there is no Google today. ”

In the view of Kai-Fu Lee, from the whole computer science development, open source has a great contribution. With open source, more students can learn these technologies and develop at the core of technology.

"I want Google and other companies to be thankful for open source, because it offers technology, talent, and the whole computer science. "Lee said," In fact, many of our open source are used in the internal architecture, we have a very large number of servers. We also use a lot of system management tools, and we use different computer languages and tools that are quite closely related to open source. So thank you very much for open source to the company's different technology, let us faster to make better technology. ”

As we all know, in the field of open source, Google has always been a positive attitude, and has become a driving open source movement of the "Pioneer" Company. The service not only uses a lot of open source software, but also sends some engineers to improve the open source software including OpenOffice. There are quite a few veterans of open source in Google, and Andrew Morton, who is responsible for maintaining the 2.6 version of the Linux kernel, is also about to join Google.

At the end of July, Google also announced that it would provide a free Open-source project storage service that would allow the Open-source industry to host software code in its own company. The main purpose of this service is to create more interest from developers by publishing APIs and open source code for Google projects, or by starting some programming competition. It is revealed that all of Google's next open source projects will be linked to the storage service.

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