Open the door with sesame seeds and enter the room-jin xuliang's preface to the. NET 4.0 object-oriented programming book

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. NET technology is vast, and no book can be used up, because as a mainstream development platform, it covers too much content. However, when I read Mr. Jin xuliang's book (basic article + application Article), I began to doubt my argument. Yes, this book is still not exhaustive. net. However, it may be incomparable in terms of technical breadth and depth. In other words ,. NET platform, including. the new features of net 4.0 have been fully released in this book. The most important thing is that the author is not cloud-oriented and satisfied with the technical surface, but by using ildasm and reflector. net class library for in-depth analysis, but later to know its why, this realistic and realistic exploration attitude is very valuable.

Therefore, this book is definitely not the kind of big and comprehensive, known as from entry to mastery, three months as a programmer like a "final shortcut. The key point is how to balance the relationship between "professional" and "Bo? For technical writers, this problem is no less difficult than understanding the technology itself. However, Jin xuliang is always able to handle the problem. The author's career plays a key role. "Teacher, evangelism, and teaching ." This is the foundation of human beings. The task of a teacher is to help students understand new technologies and knowledge efficiently in an in-depth and simple way. These skills are the prerequisite for becoming an excellent technical writer.

Reading this book is definitely not an end to it. My advice is to thoroughly understand it as much as possible. Don't let go of any features that you think are incomprehensible or will not use. Just as you should not simply regard. NET as a tool. Technology is always new in changes. to grasp the context of changes, developers must understand the essence of technology and grasp its design ideas.

I especially like this book about multithreading and parallel computing. The former fully reflects the technical height of the author in the. NET technology field, and the latter has received much attention because it is an excellent feature provided by. Net 4.0. A glimpse of this story reveals that we know all about leopard. This also shows the author's ambition. His book creation is obviously not just as simple as providing readers with a key. The secrets of. NET technology are shown in the book. So, if you don't want to return to. net, Baoshan, you can start your journey from this book.

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