Open the U disk prompts to format what is going on?

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Open the U disk prompts to format what is going on?

Prompt for formatting when open, because the file system is not recognized by the operating system. Do not attempt to format and then restore, formatting will only destroy the data again, so that the data recovery is incomplete.

1, unformatted may be the partition is exFAT file system, the operating system did not update the new file system does not support the solution, with 360 update system patch Restart the computer on the line.

2, if the click on the computer will be very card, then the disk character key areas have bad sector, the general need to professional tools to the entire disk mirror out to recover data.

3, another possibility is that the file system is corrupted. Concrete where is destroyed need manual analysis, in order to avoid the wrong operation to destroy data again, you can first look at my space article. If you need assistance, anytime hi me or Q me. Can contact me for remote online recovery.

Netizen Analysis Answer:

1. Ordinary parallel imports will appear so the problem, I used to the full capacity of the upgrade, only the original will not appear so the situation.

2. What do you want to do now, is to put the U-disk or want to put the information inside out Ah, but now use the above method did not get the data out, you can try easyrerovery the U disk plug in and open the software, not let you use to restore data, open the main interface of the size manager, Then you can watch your hard drive and U disk, and then open the U disk to observe the information inside, but is the virus forced to hide the file This place can also be observed, and then copy the file to your hard disk, the format is not immediately on the amount of production of it, a few days ago has been good several friends of the U disk out of this problem, Raw format, right.

3. Do not know if your U disk is new or old, but if the new should be formatted, but if the old, see what you do use, to do the system or to mass production?

Try this software, it uses the low lattice technique to effectively repair your USB drive.

U Disk Repair Tool download

The low lattice is the only way to effectively restore the U disk format. But if you want to be able to format before you have to retrieve the original U disk file data, then it is recommended that you first download the Easyrecovery Pro V6.10.07 Chinese version of your U disk data first back up and do low lattice.

U disk can not be formatted to download a universal repair U disk tool, you can try.

Program Name: Portfree Production 3.27 Chinese version

General online U disk repair program are Mformat 1.00, in fact, not easy to use. and the U disk Burning repair program is very good, you can fix a lot of problems, such as: U disk can detect, but can not read data, or inaccessible, into 0 bytes, or the capacity of these problems. And so on, in fact, these problems in your own can be solved, the solution is to burn, u disk burning this software can make your U disk restore capacity, can be normal reading. But if you have important data, then I'm really sorry.

The use of a simple introduction: first u disk into the USB interface, then enter the program after the point option, and then point low lattice, and then select Capacity, exit, point run, and then patiently wait.


1, the Repair tool can only for the U disk format error to do repair, can not repair the physical damage U disk.

2, use the Repair tool will destroy all the data on the U disk, including partitions and passwords, please use caution.

3, only when the U disk can not be used normally to try to repair, under normal circumstances do not often use.

Use Usboot software to repair:

1, open after running, there is a warning "usboot use is a certain risk, your data will be lost, your USB disk may also be damaged," Click OK to continue.

Usboot has recognized the U disk, Teclast coolflash USB Device.

2, select the U disk, click the following "Click here to select the mode of work", select "hdd Mode", if this does not, you can consider alternative mode. Select this mode to format the U disk, and then copy the boot file to the U disk. Click "Start" to continue.

3, slightly to be prompted to "pull off the U disk", then unplug u disk, waiting for the hint "please insert a U disk again", then insert the U disk until the written success!

4, write the process of the U disk can be automatically opened, which was written in three startup files! (be made into a U disk Startup disk)

5, and then use Windows format u disk can be (FAT format), check all normal!

At this point, U disk repair success!

You can also handle this:

Processed as follows:

1, the U disk connected to the computer, right click My Computer--management--Computer Management

2, click on the left side of the storage of disk management, to determine the disk display disks information, such as Disk 1

3, right-click Disk 1--new partition, select FAT32, the system will be prompted to create a successful

4, finally to the U disk Format Fat format can be.

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