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Sometimes when we're using a computer, inadvertently deleted important files, pictures, or documents, and so on, sometimes these mistakenly deleted files are very important, especially enterprise users, this data may be related to the profit and loss of enterprises, it is possible that these documents is a major scientific research project of the first draft, So once we have mistakenly deleted, is there any way to restore it safely and at full speed? The answer is yes, and it can be easily achieved.

Usually for mistakenly deleted files, recovery needs to rely on a variety of professional data recovery software, can lead to more cumbersome, unnecessary labor and physics, but for the WIN8 system, we do not have to use Third-party software can always save the backup files, and all this is done automatically, So if you turn on the Win8 automatic backup function, the late recovery of mistakenly deleted files will be quite simple, but the premise is Win8 default this function is closed, the following article to share with you how to open the Win8 automatic backup function.

Specific steps to operate:

1, first into the Win8 Control Panel, and then click on the left of the "system and Security" option to enter the settings, the following figure:

2, find the file history set the entrance, click to enter the setting options, the following figure:

3, into the file history settings, we will find that the file history function is closed by default, we need to open here, but a bit troublesome is the need to insert a mobile hard disk or U disk can. The following figure:

4, we will be mobile storage devices connected to the computer, after the connection is clicked Open, the system files are automatically saved to the U disk or mobile devices. The following figure:

5, after the opening, not what files are backed up, the main automatic backup of the library, desktop, favorites, contact files and so on, so we can later very convenient recovery of these things!

6, here we can on the left of the "Advanced settings" We can also save the frequency of its settings, set the automatic time to save the file frequency, the following figure:

7, set up after the win 8 automatic backup function on the official job.

Steps to recover a deleted file incorrectly

1, first into the Win8 Control Panel, and then click on the left of the "system and Security" option to enter the settings, the following figure

2, click through the file history to restore your file options, such as the picture above the red circle, into the next step, the following figure

3, when we have a backup operation, the window of the above image will be backed up records, click the corresponding record restore can

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