Opening the bow without looking back -- the path of my programmers

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I have been writing a blog on csdn since today, and I am still a little nervous after several days.

In fact, what you often write is a diary, which won't be seen by others. But today I want to announce that I have set foot on the path of my programmers.

For a long time, I have never really followed my own ideas. My family has arranged everything for myself. Now, after two years of college life, I finally found my point of interest, and no one else needs to pick up my mind. I am not studying computer-related majors. I do not want to discuss my postgraduate entrance exams with my family any more. I just contacted the teacher quietly and silently folded my feelings for so long, I borrowed a book from the library, opened a notebook, read a book, and typed the code to start the first step of my programmer journey.

When I tell you my hobby, I don't agree, or I am pouring cold water on it because there are too many people learning computer science, and last year's data shows that the job prospects of computer science are unclear, however, I still come in without looking back. Because I clearly know the status of university study, some people, or most people are not studying at the university. Even if he is a computer student, his professional knowledge is not necessarily better than that of non-related students. Because everyone has at least one computer. If you want to learn, you can have a chance at any time. I also see that it is often because of the fact that students of less famous schools can find satisfactory jobs based on their own strength after graduation, but the graduates of famous schools are the opposite. My analysis shows that most of the students in a prestigious school think that their school is better than that in other schools, they will have better job opportunities. But enterprises do not think so. A few days ago, lecturer Pan Yongqiang of csdn told us that enterprise recruitment should be the most appropriate, not the best. The famous college students living in this superior environment do not have the sense of crisis. However, with good teaching resources and employment resources, it is difficult to compete with those unknown school students in terms of ability. I'm not only talking about computer science, but also about others.

Now, I am aware of the crisis and the inability to adapt my professional knowledge to the needs of society.

Computer majors have been very popular in the past few years. The emergence of a large number of graduates has reversed the employment situation, from the seller's market to the buyer's market, and the initiative has been transferred from graduates to employers. Looking at this phenomenon, I conclude that the vast majority of people are only proficient in computers, but have little knowledge of other aspects. This is not suitable for the compound talents that our society requires.

Looking at the age when the Internet was just emerging, almost all of them were skilled people who have become outstanding entrepreneurs. We are fighting for comprehensive strength. Some people say, "People have backgrounds, while I have backgrounds." I think this background is far more simple than family backgrounds, what is more important in job search is your professional background. One of our professional doctoral students experienced a strong reaction some time ago, but I saw the background behind her. A bachelor's degree in mathematics has developed a meticulous mathematical logic thinking ability, Master's degree in materials, and doctor's degree in biology. The foreign bio-Major has a promising future, but it is not satisfactory in China. The reason is that the biology major of foreign universities is often a Graduate major, giving students the opportunity to learn the basics as much as possible during the undergraduate course. In the graduate stage, they rely on their interests for in-depth research, which makes it easier to produce results. The domestic bioengineering Major is a bachelor's degree. Due to poor employment prospects, many students in this major are transferred. At the graduate stage, most people turn to other directions, which leads to a vicious circle of this major.

I may not be a very good software engineer, but I feel that after several years of development, I can approach this goal, or transform to be a manager. Of course, these are all the things behind me. Now I am still honestly typing on my code.

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