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Microsoft's ASP technology has made dynamic web technologies widely available in China. When it comes to ASP, it will certainly be associated with windows. For a long time, it is because of Microsoft's patent rights and commercial interests that ASP can only run on Microsoft's Windows. But now it is different. Sun's chilisoft company launched the chiliasp solution. Thanks to this cross-platform solution, we not only get rid of IIS, but also can even get rid of windows if you want.

This article focuses on the deployment of the chiliasp solution under Microsoft Windows2000 Professional Edition. In this example, Apache Web Server 1.3.27 is used. If someone asks me why I want to use Windows2000 Professional Edition? It's easy, because we can completely solve the limit of 10 people. chiliasp claims that it only supports Server-Level Operating Systems and breaks the two limits at the same time. Why not ?!

The software chiliasp required in this article can be obtained from the chilisoft website registration. Chiliasp is a commercial solution. Unless you use the sun operating system, you must pay a small license fee. Of course, there will be a 30-day free trial period before that. However, if you are a software developer, you can obtain no function, time limit OEM authorization on this site for development and use only. The chiliasp license period is calculated based on the cumulative running time of the Web server. If you cannot run the Web server for 30 days in a lifetime, you can use it for a lifetime = ). For the Apache server, you can get it from without registering and directly downloading it.

If you can prepare the required software properly, we will start to install it. First, you need to find your windows Professional Edition installation CD, because we want to install IIS. Yes, we want to install IIS. Our lovely chiliasp needs to call some components in IIS to parse the ASP script compiled by VBScript. After the installation is complete, IIS-related services are completely prohibited. chiliasp only requires some files. Next, we will install Apache. Similarly, the installation programs of IIS and Apache are silly and we will not say it. Let's start the installation of chiliasp. Stop the apache service from the background and run the installation program to start installation. Here is a tip: the installer only recognizes apache1.3.22. How can he get to know our apache1.3.27? Change the registry, as shown below =)

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Apache Group/Apache/1.3.27]
"Serverroot" = "C: // appserv // Apache //"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Apache Group/Apache/1.3.22]
"Serverroot" = "C: // appserv // Apache //"

Don't worry, Apache is a green program and does not require a registry. No matter how it is modified, it will not affect Apache =) after this operation, chiliasp can correctly identify Apache and automatically rewrite the Apache configuration file, after the installation program is complete, start the apache service system to run Apache. If you have obtained the authorization permission, copy the license file to: C:/winnt/system32/chiliasp/vroots and restart Apache. Chiliasp, which is not included in the license agreement, is only a trial version of uptime 30day! If an error occurs during installation of chiliasp, please check the error message carefully and uninstall it again. Do not overwrite the original installation!

Some tips:

* After IIS is installed, reinstall the Windows2000 patch.
* Update IE to the latest version.
* Update MDAC to the latest version. chiliasp requires at least version 2.5.
* Make sure all the software packages mentioned above are up-to-date!
* Add the default IIS Style File style to the Apache httpd. conf configuration file directoryindex.
Index. asp default. asp default.html
* Delete the example codebrws. asp attached to chiliasp. This file can be used to browse ASP code online ...... Hidden Danger!

Okay. Let's verify if Apache supports ASP. Check the following example from the browser: http: //
Have you seen the content? Haha, as long as it is not blank, OK! If you can't see anything, unfortunately, the installation may fail. Let's take a look at the content mentioned in this article and try to update the software package.

Next, let's install an online forum instance. It's easy. Unpack the package and drop all the files to the Web release directory and open it in the browser ...... Don't blame me. It's that simple.

The developer is most concerned about whether the original ASP component can be used. In particular, can the original built-in components of IIS be used. I can tell you that most third-party components are available. But remember that only one component can be registered once. to update the component version, please first unregister the old component and re-register the new component. Otherwise, chiliasp will report an error and tell you to reload the object! So the chiliasp component in IIS itself supports very wrong! If you are not at ease, you can test it with a probe. The website provides a detailed list of differences! However, it should be noted that all components written using filters are not supported.

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