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1. Create a branch

Branching is the act of creating a standalone version of your code, independent of your trunk branch. By default, every file you commit to Git will be stored in the "Master (Trunk)" Branch.
Now let's say you want to add a feature to the project, but you want to be able to roll back to the current version in case something goes wrong, or you decide to give up the feature. This is the time for you to create a branch.

Create and switch to your new branch command at the same time:

  Git checkout-b new_feature

Alternatively, you can first create a branch and then manually switch:

Git branch new_feature

git checkout new_feature

2. View Current Branch status

git status

3. Add the current branch code to the local

git add *

4. View the version's log record

git log

5. View the configuration of git

git config--list

Git config-l
[email protected]
remote.gerrit.url=https://xianxinyong:[email protected]/ Openstack/murano.git
remote.gerrit.fetch=+refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/ gerrit/*

6. modifying git configuration items

git config--global xiangxinyong

7. Add or modify a git message

Add:git commit-a-F git/message  

Modified:git commit--amend-a-f git/message

8. Installing Git-review

Apt-get Install Git-review

9. Add to Gerrit

First, you need to log in to, and then in HTTP password, settings, generate an HTTP password, which should be a random string of uppercase and lowercase numbers.

Git remote set-url Gerrit https://username:[email protected]/openstack/nova.git command to modify SSH to HTTPS mode, of course, you can also use HTTP

Git remote add Gerrit https://username:[email Protected]/openstack/nova.git

Note: The username/password in the above string is changed to your Gerrit user name and the HTTP password generated in the previous step.

OpenStack git cmd

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