Operating System Engineering

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Operating System Engineering

Course meeting Times

Lectures:2 Sessions/week, 1.5 hours/session


6.033 Computer System Engineering

6.170 Software Studio

6.004 Computation Structures


6.828 Operating System Engineering Studies fundamental design and implementation ideas in the Engineering of Oper ating systems. Lectures is based on a study of UNIX and papers. Topics include virtual memory, threads, context switches, kernels, interrupts, system calls, interprocess communication, C Oordination, and the interaction between software and hardware. Individual laboratory assignments involve implementation of a small operating system in C, with some x86 assembly.

This course was primarily intended for seniors and Masters of Engineering students who want to learn about operating system s in detail. PhD students was also welcome, but note that 6.828 was not a ' core ' subject for the TQE. Students can use 6.828 to fulfill the engineering concentration requirements for computer Systems.


to turn-in The labs, run ' make Handin ' in your lab directory. The Handin must be received by 11:59pm on the the the the "The lab is due." You can turn on as many times as you want. We'll grade all your submissions and emails the result to you within a few minutes. Your final grade and late hours (see below) is only based on the latest submission you made to a lab.

You had a total of late hours to use throughout the semester, which can divide up among the lab assignments Howeve R like; You don't have an to ask or a tell us. Each day late in excess of hours would incur a full letter grade penalty on the lab exercise component of your overall G Rade. These late hours is intended for cases where is fall behind due to illness, job interviews, athletic events, deadlines I n other classes, etc. For extensions under extenuating circumstances (e.g., "Sick for a Week"), we require a letter from one of the Studen T Deans.

Code Reviews

You'll also be required to review and other students ' lab code, a standard practice used to improve code quality. These reviews would be randomly assigned, hours after the lab deadline and would be due one week after the lab deadline. As soon as a review is submitted, the author of the code would receive a copy. The review process is a double blind:both the author of the Code and the reviewer are anonymous. Reviews should be a few paragraphs that suggest three possible improvements and identify one thing the reviewer learned fr Om the other student ' s code. Like the homework, we'll check-off that and put reasonable effort into them.

Operating System Engineering

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