Operations commands under Windows

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1. Dir List Directory
2. Dir/? Help
3, dir/w widescreen display
4. dir/p pagination Display
5, D: is the PLATE Plus: number is the switch letter
6, Tab completion key, such as to enter a file cd+ Enter the letter before the file name hold the tab
Key to find the file, if you want to find the file is over, press and hold shift+tab backwards. cd+ filename Enter and dir to display the file contents
7. mkdir or MKD: Make directory creates a new directory
8 、.. is the parent directory. is the current directory
9, Touch is to create text that touch a.txt---->> echo "" Helloworld "" >a.txt is to a.txt text file ("Two of this symbol
is appended) to write content inside. Notepad A.txt is the content of the display text (if the touch is not created successfully with the Notepad a.txt can also be created directly)
10, del+ file name can be deleted (can understand Del Delete folder inside a single text file, and rmdir/q/s Delete folder
Del a.txt
-S: Recursive
-q:quiet quiet
-f:force Mandatory
Del/s/q/f *.class is forced to delete the class file del/s/q/f * is to delete the file separately
del + text file name is to erase the entire text files
Del,/s/q/f *. class is to delete a filename suffix such as: Tset.ddaa TSET.GGG TSET.CKC It is the tset behind the
. Ddaa. ggg. ckc file Delete

11, CP is a copy can also be copy
12, delete the words with rmdir/q/s+ file name can delete files Remember this can delete the folder
13, CLS is clear screen
14. VM//Move equivalent to copy and paste
15. ipconfig//View IP Address
16. Ping//View connectivity of the network
17. Configuring the Hosts file to bypass DNS parsing
C:windows\system32\drive\etc\hosts file
....... XY

18. Exit/Exit

19. Set//list all environment variables
20. Win7 's precautions
Installs 64 flagship version, has administrator user, can optimize

21. Firewall: Control Panel--->> firewall--->> turn off firewall
22, End: is positioning the mouse to the end of the line
23, Home: Positioning the mouse to the beginning of the line
24, Shift+end: Is the end of the selection of the current row and column
25, Shift+home: Is the beginning of the selection of the current row
26, Ctrl + Directional key: is the word progressive
27, \ r//return Enter
28, \ n//Line break
29, \ t//tab
30, echo% filename%: is display information

How to optimize the system, make the computer faster,
Binary: 0 | 1
1, CPU affinity is the central processor affinity
2. Start a new program

The specific explanation: uses the system to carry on the reasonable allocation to the CPU resources, for example arbitrarily opens the computer on any thing to use the CPU core to make the call, this too takes the resources
So we have to use the system to control the kernel, to open anything on the computer, such as we open a Notepad computer is four cores 0, 1, 2, 3. We want to use 0 and 1.
If the kernel is running on Notepad, the 0 and 1 cores correspond to 1, 1. The 2 and 3 cores correspond to 0 and 0 (we use binary here) so kernel 0123 corresponds to binary
0011 (from right to left to correspond), with 0011来 multiplied by 2 of the second square and 0x2 3 +0x2 of the 2 square +1x2 1 Times Square +1x2 0. The results can be used start/affinity 3 Notepad
Command-to-notepad control of the kernel (3 is 0011 of the 2-time result)

If hexadecimal, that is: start/affinity 0xf notepad (f is hexadecimal)

Binary: 0 | 1
      per available range     range
       8 binary    : 0-7
      10 binary   : 0-9
      16 binary   : 0-f

Shortcut keys:
[Text file edit]
CTRL +C Copy
Ctrl +V Paste
CTRL +x Clipping
CTRL +a Select all
Ctrl +z Undo
CTRL +y Redo

Windows+r: Run
Service.msc Open Service
Reqedit//Registration Form
Shift +tab Direction operation
WINDOSW + B is quick access to the desktop
ALT + TAB is to switch the Windows back and forth
CTRL +n to open multiple windows
WINDOSW + e Just put the computer's Hard drive window open

Operations commands under Windows

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