Optical mouse can not move and the mouse lamp is not bright treatment method

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Photoelectric Mouse is a kind of hardware device that detects the displacement of mouse, converts the displacement signal into electric pulse signal, and then controls the movement of the cursor arrow on the screen by program processing and transformation. The photoelectric sensor of the photoelectric mouse replaces the traditional rolling ball. This type of sensor needs to be used in conjunction with a specially designed pad with a striped or dotted pattern. Mouse Research report shows: Optical mouse using a discontinuous device to determine the signal, the most notable feature is the need to use a special reflector as a mouse mobile pad. The main feature of this mat is its fine black and white dots. This is because, at the bottom of the optical mouse, there is a light-emitting diode and two mutually perpendicular photosensitive tubes. When the light-emitting diode to the white dots and black spots, will produce refraction and refraction of two states, and photosensitive tube to the two states after processing will produce the corresponding signal, thus prompting the computer to respond. Without that pad, the optical mouse would not work. But what if the optical mouse can't move?

Optical mouse can not move the mouse lamp does not light the processing method

Failure phenomenon: The optical mouse pointer can only move around, and can not move up and down.

Analysis and Resolution: The beginning of the optical mouse pad was rubbed too smooth, can be changed a mouse pad or so. Are the rubber balls and rollers too dirty to make the rotation inflexible?

The bottom cover of the mouse is removed, the rubber ball is taken out, and the water-free alcohol is used to scrub the x direction Roller, the y direction roller and the rubber ball. Then gently rotate the roller with the fingers, feeling very flexible, not as if the dirty things "tripped", carefully installed, but the fault is still.

Is it going to "die"? With the idea of "dead horse being a live horse" I screwed off the screws and slowly removed the lid to expose the "organs".

Careful observation: The optical mouse has built two rollers, namely the X direction roller and the y direction roller, both of which are in contact with the rubber ball which can be rolled. At one end of the roller there is a wheel with a small hole, and on both sides of the wheel there is a light-emitting diode and a photosensitive transistor respectively. When the wheel is driven, the light emitted by the light-emitting diode to the photosensitive transistor, resulting in the displacement of the pulse signal, through the control of the mouse chip conversion processing, received by the CPU and count. At the same time, the X and y direction rollers correspond to the horizontal and longitudinal axes of the screen respectively, and the number and frequency of the pulse signals determine the distance and speed of the mouse moving on the screen.

After careful analysis, I think the "trouble" is on the photosensitive transistor and the light-emitting diode. Immediately with a cotton swab dipped in a little anhydrous alcohol gently scrub the two pairs of tubes, after drying installed, can be faulted or exist. Is the power of the light-emitting diode reduced or damaged? When you can rotate the rubber ball with your fingers, the optical mouse can occasionally move up and down, it seems that these two pipes are no problem. Is it that the photosensitive transistor does not normally receive the "signal" of the light-emitting diode? Open again, with the hand gently two to the distance and direction of the pipe adjustment, installed and try again, failure disappeared.

Originally this is because in the process of playing a shootout game, constantly shaking the photoelectric mouse, and finally make the corresponding direction of the photosensitive transistor and light-emitting diode changed, so that the photosensitive transistor can not well receive the signal emitted by light-emitting diodes. This is a special reminder to the reader of the game, because of the intensity of the use of the mouse in the game, when the battle is too high to move the mouse, it may cause this problem. If you encounter this problem, do not easily replace the photosensitive transistor and light-emitting diode, do not discard the mouse, as long as the careful adjustment on the line. Finally, we recommend the operation after the shutdown to prevent accidents. In particular, the PS/2 interface of the optical mouse is best not to do hot-plug operation.

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