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Tip 1: Do not use images, Flash animations, or other non-text content to form webpages. Of course, if you don't care about access from search engines, use these luxury and fancy designs.

Tip 2: check that crawlers often patronize your website and use crawler simulation programs to observe the links and pages on your website.

Tip 3: compile robots.txt for the website to show the crawler directions.

Tip 4: define the topic of each page, give an appropriate question, and use it as the webpage title.

Tip 5: provide a separate description meta tag for each page.

Tip 6: connect the javascript script program.

Tip 7: search engines like the text in the title tag.

Tip 9: avoid unnecessary table nesting.

Tip 10: use B or strong to mark important content in the article, such as keywords.

For Blog programs, such as Mt, you can use the abstract of the content as the description in meta. MT3.1 uses hx to Mark titles, which meets the search engine's preferences. Note that the key words are highlighted. This may also be helpful to adsense, so that it will not show the clothing advertisement to the information search page when it sees the clothes.

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