ORA-27302 Error Resolution method

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Problem phenomenon:

Mon may 07:08:58 gmt+08:00 2014Process startup failed, error stack:

Mon 07:08:58 gmt+08:00 2014Errors in FILE/ORACLE/APP/ADMIN/ORACLE10/BDUMP/ORACLE10_1_PSP0_7733326.TRC:

Ora-27300:os system dependent Operation:fork failed with Status:12

Ora-27301:os Failure Message:not enough space

Ora-27302:failure occurred at:skgpspawn3

According to the error check local disk, storage space, found no exception.

Problem solving:

MOS: (document ID 560309.1)

1, the root cause is because swap space swap (paging spaces) set unreasonable cause

Configure parameters correctly:


1GB to 2GB 1.5 times RAM

> 2GB and <= 8GB 1 times RAM

> 8GB 0.75 times RAM

In 11.2, it is:


1GB to 2GB 1.5 times RAM

> 2GB and <= 16GB 1 times RAM

> 16GB 16GB RAM

2, in addition also need to pay attention to whether the spfile contains such memory parameters:



3, or it may be that the system does not have enough physical memory

4, of course, the user's environment variable limit some of the parameters Settings page will cause this problem can be viewed under this command: ulimit-a

This column more highlights: http://www.bianceng.cnhttp://www.bianceng.cn/database/Oracle/

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