Oracle deletes a primary key to view the primary key constraints and creates a joint primary key. The oracle primary key

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Oracle deletes a primary key to view the primary key constraints and creates a joint primary key. The oracle primary key

1. Primary Key Deletion

Alter table tablename drop PRIMARY_KEY execute the preceding SQL statement to delete the primary key. If it fails, use ALTER TABLE TABLENAME DROP CONSTRAINTS COLUMN CASCADE; -- delete the constraint ALTER TABLE TABLENAME DISABLE PRIMARY_COLUMN; -- The column set as the primary key is invalid drop index INDEX_NAME; -- delete the primary key INDEX

2. View primary key constraints

SELECT * FROM USER_CONSTRAINTS WHERE CONSTRAINT_TYPE = 'p' AND TABLE_NAME = 'name of the table you want to view 'and owner = USER

3. Create a federated primary key

Alter table add constraints 'constraint name' primary key (COLUMN, COLUMN ,...);

Oracle uses an SQL script to delete the original primary key and then create a new primary key. The new primary key is added based on the original primary key.

Delete an existing primary key first:
Alter table devuser. tb_term_info drop primary key;
Add another field:
Alter table devuser. tb_term_info add column attr_fg;
Re-create a primary key:
Alter table devuser. tb_term_info
Add primary key (time, numer_sq, system_id, system_type_id, attr_fg)
Using users
Pctfree 10
Initrans 2
Maxtrans 255
Initial 64 K
Minextents 1
Maxextents unlimited
Note that you must have the corresponding operation permissions on the devuser User table.

Oracle joint primary key Creation

Alter table xxx add constraints xxx_pk primary key (c1, c2, c3, c4, c5 ....);

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