Oracle error Ora-03113:end-of-file on communication channel handling method

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Oracle cannot start, error ora-03113:end-of-file on communication channel (end of file for communication channel)


Sql> Startuporacle instance started. Total System Global area 1252663296 bytesfixed size 2227944 bytesvariable size 704643352 bytesdatabase buffers 536870912 b Ytesredo buffers 8921088 bytesdatabase mounted. Ora-03113:end-of-file on communication channelprocess id:8117session id:191 Serial number:3 Online analysis, may be due to the database forced shutdown last night, resulting in file status can be Can be inconsistent, because the normal shutdown database is synchronized with the files, so that the time when the file is restarted. The solution starts as follows Dbsql> Conn/as sysdbaconnected to an idle instance. Sql> Startup Mountoracle instance started.     Sql> select * from V$log; group# thread# sequence# BYTES BLOCKSIZE members ARC---------------------------------------------------------------S         Tatus first_change# first_tim next_change# next_time----------------------------------------------------------- 1 1 52428800 1 noinactive 3826382 16-jul-16 3857158 17-jul-16 3 1 52428800 1 nocurrent 3886899 17-jul-16 2.8147E+14 2 1 113 52428800 1 noinactive 3857158 17-jul-16 3886899 17-jul-16 sql> alter DatabaSE open resetlogs 2;alter database open resetlogs 2 *error at line 1:ora-02288:invalid Open Mode restore sql> ALTER DATABASE open Resetlogs;alter DB open resetlogs*error at line 1:ora-01139:resetlogs option O Nly valid after an incomplete database recovery sql> recover database until time ' 2016-08-05 ' Media recovery complete.s ql> ALTER DATABASE open resetlogs; Database altered. Success.


Oracle error Ora-03113:end-of-file on communication channel handling method

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