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A while ago participated in an Oracle technical meeting held by the municipal information Office, which mainly introduced Oracle's integration plan, which is the Oracle Cloud computing solution.

To be honest, I've been a bit biased about cloud computing, not that cloud computing is strong enough, but that the media has always taken the public cloud as a starting point for propaganda, giving the impression that cloud computing is a provocative change to the existing computing center, and that it must have a very strong computing center and provide customers with flexible In such a tone, cloud computing must be a huge project, the reality of a few cases, because there are few "Amazon" style of deep pockets.

In fact, for users, the change of public cloud is revolutionary, but the private cloud is also very important, and the private cloud can "tailor" to make the existing Enterprise computing center easy to transform. The good news is that cloud computing is returning to reality from the hype, with more and more it giants focusing on the technology of private cloud, IBM, Oracle, EMC, Microsoft and so on have all been exerting and speeding up the "enclosure" in the private cloud domain, this article is concerned about the Oracle private cloud.

Oracle in the field of cloud computing is painstaking, has spent the purchase of a number of well-known enterprises. Advanced Middleware (WEBLOGIC) technology has been acquired through BEA to gain advanced Server and storage technology through sun. In addition to their own Oracle database, so that the embryonic form of Oracle cloud computing, the original to the Oracle to be not single-minded and quite a criticism of the experts also suddenly no voice. In this context, Oracle has very gracefully launched the exalogic and Exadata X2 cloud computing platform, and is not coy about the trend toward private clouds.

Exadata X2 is a consolidated database cloud platform that integrates sun's servers and storage, Oracle databases, and Cisco switches, and of course, Oracle must have done some optimizations. Oracle's name is "Resilient Database Cloud", which can flexibly cope with the cyclical growth of the system, but the starting point configuration is quite high. Let's take a look at Oracle's official propaganda: reduce more than 50% of the system investment, reduce more than 80% of the space requirements, reduce more than 50% of the power requirements, 10-100 times the performance of analytical systems, more than 4 times times the performance of OLTP systems, Provides higher reliability than minicomputer ha by sharing server resource pools and distributed data processing technologies and fault-tolerant technologies ... Let's take a look at the hardware situation, the private cloud platform puts 8 PC servers (96 cores, 768G of RAM), 3 40G-bandwidth switches, 14 PC servers for storage in a standard cabinet (168 cores of CPUs, 336G memory, 100T of storage space, 5T of PCI Flash).

Exalogic is a consolidated middleware platform that integrates the sun's servers and storage, as well as the original Bea's WebLogic and Cisco switches, with a fairly high configuration. The private cloud platform has 40Gb network bandwidth, 360-core CPUs, 2.8T of memory, 960G Flash storage, 40T storage, and the lowest configuration starting with 1/4 full (i.e., the above parameters divided by 4).

Looking at the above two private cloud solutions we have to marvel at the robust configuration, even if the 1/4 configuration is a level higher than our usual device. For example, Oracle Private cloud has been configured with strong flash storage when we are still concerned about the memory to upgrade, and Oracle has fully taken T as a unit of calculation when we are still talking about 146G or 300G hard drive upgrades. We have reason to believe that its performance must be very strong, according to the Cloud Technology program, our IDC room as long as an Oracle database cloud and an Oracle middleware cloud can eliminate most of the most configured servers and storage and switches.

Looking at the above advanced cloud computing platform, we again to calm analysis of the pros and cons. The author believes that Oracle cloud computing platform for the system itself is a good, because Oracle has successfully integrated the Sun, CISCO, Oracle and other manufacturers of technology, as far as possible to eliminate a variety of bottlenecks, for maintenance personnel is also a good, Before the hardware and software problems will inevitably have a number of evasive dawdling, now as long as the Oracle to find a home, no longer able to evade.

But from an investment point of view, the capital investment is also very large, and do not say that the hardware itself is very high-end, all software must need genuine authorization (a while ago I heard the enterprise spent tens of millions of invested in Oracle's private cloud Platform), Oracle's authorization, you know. Another use of the product will be Oracle "kidnapping" suspicion, so that you have to purchase after the original maintenance expired service. Because such a brand new product comes out, I believe that at first no integrator can understand the secret, even if it can replace Oracle to do third-party maintenance, the price will be quite high.

But in a client-and output-driven society, we have to seriously consider all possible solutions, and I believe such cases will become increasingly popular because the customer experience is the first. I hope IBM, Oracle and other giants will be able to introduce more cost-effective cloud technology, so that we and our customers can enjoy the results of cloud computing as soon as possible.

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