Oracle Data Warehousing Solutions for the financial industry

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I. problems and challenges facing the financial sector

today, most Bank are faced with the same problems, how to improve customer service level, how to control financial risk, and how to improve the bank's operating performance, to ensure the continued growth of profits. Banks are constantly adopting new technologies, expanding new business varieties, and striving to highlight operating characteristics and attract more customers, but most of these business systems are independently constructed, with little connection between each other, data and information transfer, sharing must rely on complex applications to complete. How to establish an effective data integration management mechanism, how to make full use of the large amount of data accumulated by the bank, for the scientific management decision-making and the development of new business services, is the key problem that banks urgently need to solve.

for China's banking industry, it is also urgent that China joins the pace of WTO is speeding up, a large number of strong foreign banks in the eager, to the survival and development of China's financial industry has formed a serious challenge, but also brought opportunities, because of the financial and high-tech field of further open, to the development of financial electronics to provide a new impetus and opportunity. projects that have been suspended or stopped as a result of the resolution of the year issue will start again at a higher starting point, leading to a new round of financial electronic means of competition.

from 2001 Financial Exhibition, data centralization, internet banking, unmanned bank, customer relationship management and Data Warehouse become the new trend of electronic commerce. The continuous innovation of financial service means, the intensification of banking competition, its goal is consistent, not only gradually changing the traditional business means and business model of the bank, adopting new technology, providing more convenient, higher quality and quicker service for the customer, accelerating the management decision-making process of the bank, adapting to the market faster, improving the competitive advantage, So as to ensure the sustainable development of banks.

To seize the opportunity and adapt to the challenges, banks must address the following two key issues:

1. On the basis of optimizing business processing, the development of deep-seated Bank management analysis and Decision Support system: How to make full use of the existing data, unify all the business data within the bank, provide the bank management with a unified view of the whole line of business, To help managers to better understand and analyze the whole line of business operations, timely detection of problems, risk prevention, the full line of business balanced development and management strategy to provide supporting decision-making tools.

2. improve customer service level, provide a unified customer relationship management platform: the goal of the bank is in all channels of contact with customers (including telephone, network, etc.), all set up a unified customer service means, customers can follow their own preferences, with the bank contact, to achieve the different banking business processing requirements, This requires banks to have a comprehensive, detailed understanding of the different types of customers, so as to achieve accurate market positioning of new products and services, maintain competitive advantage, perfect customer data and a unified customer relationship management strategy, will be the future of the bank's new business models, business varieties of the development of a key role, Will greatly promote the development of banking business, improve customer service level. Customer satisfaction is the real driving force for the development of banks.

China's banking industry in the development process, has gradually realized the vast majority of core business of computer processing, accumulated a large number of customer data and operating data, the bank's valuable wealth, how to use these data, to explore valuable information, solve the above problems, is today China's banking general concern. The key to solve the problem is to set up the bank's enterprise-level data warehouse, realize the effective storage of all business information and customer information of the bank, and carry out multi-level data processing for the management decision-making needs of different departments of the bank, and present the real valuable information in many ways. Meet the needs of bank management decisions and customer analysis.

The so-called Data Warehouse, is a subject-oriented, integrated, stable, different periods of data collection to support the bank management of the decision-making process. Banks around the world attach great importance to the construction of the Data Warehouse , the world's top three banks, almost all have their own data warehouse,1999 Global Financial institutions in the data Warehouse investment more than billion dollars, And based on the application of Data Warehouse is also a series of growth trend, the data Warehouse has been so much attention to the financial industry, development so fast, it is important that the financial sector has recognized that the establishment of data warehousing is the internal needs of enterprise development, no data warehouse support, the bank can not be very good use of their information advantages, It is difficult to grasp the management dynamics of the whole bank in time, it is difficult to make corresponding strategy adjustment to the change of the market and the change of customer's demand timely, so as to lose the advantage of market competition, and more frightening, can not make accurate forecast to the commercial bank's capital risk and operation Risk, It is not possible to manage and control the development direction of banks from a global perspective, as the Asian financial crisis has amply demonstrated. From the bitter and painful, the banks in various countries have vigorously developed data warehousing technology, while the progress of science and technology, the rapid development of information technology, but also for the banking industry faster, better set up a data Warehouse application system to provide objective convenience conditions.

As a result, the successful implementation of data warehousing is crucial for any bank in the increasingly competitive banking sector. Successful use of various scientific and technological means will not only be limited to the auxiliary bank to complete its commercial operations, and the successful implementation of the Data Warehouse, the bank's management decision-making development and effectively improve customer service level, has important practical significance.

two. the practical significance of establishing data warehouse for the development of China's banks

Face to join WTO brings the challenge, at present China's commercial banks are in a very important transition period, with the rapid development of computer technology, the commercial banks have developed a more complete accounting system, savings system, international settlement system, capital system, credit system, credit card system and Office automation System, Commercial Bank management means have been greatly improved. In the next stage, the development of banks will gradually change from " Quantity expansion " to " Quality Improvement ", take full advantage of the development achievements of modern science and technology, and adapt to the development trend of international banking. The pursuit of profit and market maximization. In this development process, the domestic banking business is to focus on processing, electronic processing and service innovation in the direction of expansion, and the core of all these development objectives is the bank's data warehouse construction, whether from the bank's reform and development, improve profits, expand market share, or from the bank's internal quality, efficiency, In terms of cost management, the establishment of data warehouse is of great practical significance to the development of banks.

The establishment of data warehouse, the impact on the development of China's banking industry will be extremely far-reaching, below we from a few points of view analysis of the following data warehouse significance to the bank:

1. wto and the pressure on foreign banks, very important is our experience in market competition and the inadequacy of tools, though, We have accumulated a large number of customer information and business data, but we currently have no way to customer contribution, product and channel profitability, operating costs, such as accurate and rapid calculation, as well as market management and analysis, forecasting and other effective tools. In this way, the establishment of bank data Warehouse, for marketing and customer analysis to provide basic information sources and auxiliary tools, it becomes the bank to improve market competitiveness and customer service level key.

2. improve the quality of bank assets and prevent financial risks: the preservation and appreciation of bank assets is the basic guarantee for the development of banks, and the production of non-performing assets largely stems from the imperfect of bank Funds Management , loan authorization and unified credit System. Leading to the bank's management decision-making can not timely grasp the credit customer information, loan issuance and recovery status information and changes in the market environment and other effective data, can not be timely to identify problems, this information lag control means, can not effectively predict and prevent risks, resulting in a large loss of bank assets, is bound to bring great adverse effects on the healthy development of banks. And these problems, mainly because banks do not have a full line of data warehousing and modernization of the auxiliary decision-making, control means, if the use of data warehousing technology, the entire bank can effectively manage credit assets, credit customers have a more in-depth, more comprehensive understanding, can be from the full line of view, From the perspective of asset optimization, comprehensive comprehensive management is implemented to effectively control risks and improve the quality of assets and profitability of banks.

3. improve the management level of banks, reduce costs, improve efficiency: banks want to win in the fierce market competition, must have a wealth of scientific management decision-making tools, and flexible processing mechanism, to give banks at all levels of staff strong, flexible and efficient application tools to help them timely access to the required information, Fast feedback and dynamic control, but also the data warehouse can bring great benefits to the bank, through the data warehouse, can achieve the product, department, organization of profit / cost analysis, the cost of advance, in-between and after the control, through the strengthening of cost management to increase efficiency. Moreover, the management, control and collaboration of the banks are improved to a great extent, which makes the management of the whole bank more efficient, more scientific and more normative.

4. To ensure the sustainable development of banks and deepen financial reform: the existing management mode of China's state-owned commercial banks is basically formed under the system of planned economy and manual processing business, which differs greatly from the management mode of modern commercial banks. By establishing the data warehouse and perfecting its function, we can effectively help the bank standardize the management process, optimize the business processing, improve the capital utilization rate, and gradually realize the transformation to the modern Commercial Bank management mode, from this point of view, the data warehouse can not only help the bank to expand the scope of business in a short period of time, Improve the level of customer service, strengthen internal management, at the same time, the bank is further healthy development of the power and security.

therefore, the establishment of the Data Warehouse, for China's banking sector, has a huge, extremely realistic significance for us to meet The challenge of WTO, to play its own advantages, in the market competition in an invincible position, is crucial.

3. Oracle 's financial industry data warehousing Solution

With its technology, resources and experience, Oracle is the world's largest database manufacturer and is committed to providing the enterprise with the data warehousing solutions that best meet the competitive needs of the enterprise. Oracle 's data warehousing solutions include industry-leading database platforms, development tools, and application systems. Oracle Data Warehouse is a breakthrough in the limitations of existing data warehousing products, enabling organizations to access information in any location, at any level, to meet the needs of information retrieval and business decision-making at any point in the enterprise.

OracleThe Data warehousing solution consists of the following sections:

Technology Platform

Oracle Warehouse builder--Data Warehouse Building Tools


Oracle express-Multidimensional Database

Common Warehouse metadata--a common Data Warehouse metadata management tool

Oracle Internet Develop suites--Business IntelligenceToolset (query, report, Multidimensional Analysis, data mining)

Oracle Data Mart suites-Data Mart Suite

Market Development Analysis Application

Oracle crm-Customer Relationship Management system

Oracle Sales analyzer-Sales Analysis System

Enterprise Operation analysis Application

Oracle Financial Services Application(Ofsa)--Financial industry strategic management and decision support application system

Oracle Financial analyzer-Financial Analysissystem

Business Intelligence Applications

Oracle Business Information system-Enterprise Business Intelligence Application System

Oracle Balanced scorecard-Balanced Scorecard Application System

Expert Services

Oracle consulting-Data Warehouse Implementation Consulting Services

customer-centric partnerships

Data Warehousing Technology Drive plan

System Integrator Drive plan

Data Warehouse Platform Market Promotion Program

with the other system is different, data structure is optimized for fast retrieval and analysis. The data is historical and is updated at regular intervals.

The following three steps exist in the process of defining, establishing, and using a data warehouse:

1. build models for end-user business needs. The designer of the data warehouse must understand the information requirements from a variety of end users and then turn these information requirements into data models. The designer must ensure the integrity of the model in a rigorous and precise manner.

2. create a model for the metadata. While building models for end-user requirements, Data Warehouse designers must also model the metadata (data about the data). This information determines the range of data entered into the Data Warehouse, as well as the provisions relating to the data. As the Data Warehouse is subject-oriented, the building of metadata may boast a number of functional business areas. Metadata is divided into two categories: load and user.

Load view: Describes all data sources, as well as all provisions related to extracting, refreshing, and transmitting data to the data warehouse.

End user view: Here, the model matches the commercial use of the data. End users use it as a layout map to access and search for information.

3. evaluate, decide, implement abstractions, transformations, and access tools. Once the designer has established a model for the end user's needs and related metadata in the system, the next step is to choose the implementation tool for implementing the Data Warehouse. Finally, you should choose a tool that meets the needs of your users who will use these tools to access the information stored in the data warehouse directly or by building an application system.

Oracle Data Warehouse includes a complete set of products and services that cover the entire process of data warehouse definition, design, and implementation.

at the same time, for the special needs of the financial industry Data Warehouse, Oracle provides a comprehensive strategic Enterprise Management and Decision Support System (oraclefinancial Services application): From the other direction of banking business development , a better understanding of business and ancillary decision support systems is also required,Oracle's Decision Support application Suite (OFSA), which is dedicated to strategic management of the financial industry, is Oracle's many major international banks over the years (including Citibank, etc.), not only provide banks with strong asset and liability management, profit cost analysis, risk prediction and control, interest rate sensitivity analysis and customer analysis and other ready-made application components, more importantly, it reflects the world's leading banks of advanced business management ideas, and scientific auxiliary analysis method will greatly help the development bank to develop and maintain the international competition ability in the future to the international Wholesale Bank standard.

4. Oracle Financial Industry Data Warehouse Benefits

as a Oracle's focus is on an industrywhere Oracle has thousands of financial industry customers worldwide, not only using technology products such as Oracle databases, but also a large number of users using Oracle Solutions for financial industry applications, including ERP, Finance, core business processing, decision support, customer relationship management, and so on, Oracle has accumulated rich experience in financial project implementation during the implementation of these major customer projects, and formed a professional financial industry solution Implementation Team ( Oraclefinancial Services Consulting), as well as a scientific and rigorous methodology for the implementation and management of financial projects, in Asia Pacific,Oracle The establishment of a financial industry solutions research and Development Center in Singapore, offering more tailored products and targeted services to the characteristics of the Asian financial industry, combined with all of these expertise and experience, together with Oracle 's strong core technology platform and extensive application portfolio, Fully guarantee the success of user projects in the financial industry and the advanced nature of the system, but also for Oracle in financial projects to provide a strong competitive advantage.

We bring three elements to the value of the financial industry:

Powerful technology platform: open, variable-scale and easy-to-use technology to support internal and mission-critical applications in financial enterprises

Application portfolio combining industry best practice experience: for the greatest business value, offering a wide range of applications for the specific business needs of the financial industry, and tightly integrated with the financial business

meet the needs of the financial industry for the future development: Oracle continues to accumulate and develop experience in core technology and financial industry practices, investing in new product research and development, including data warehousing, decision support systems for the financial industry, and e-commerce systems and customer relationship management systems.

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Oracle Data Warehousing Solutions for the financial industry

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