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A series of reports from the software ecosystem:Oracle EcosystemAccording to the evaluation, with the continuous acquisition of Oracle, the comprehensive competitiveness of its ecosystem has rapidly increased in recent years. In particular, after her acquisition of Sun, the overall competition in its ecosystem reached its peak. According to the haibi study, the current overall competitiveness score of the Oracle ecosystem is 8.13 points, which is higher than that of the Microsoft ecosystem.

According to the advantages and disadvantages of the current Oracle ecosystem, haibi Research believes that its biggest advantage lies in the influence of partners. Oracle is very attractive to its partners, mainly thanks to the strong leading advantages of Oracle database products in the industry. Relying on the position of Oracle Database in the market, its partners can obtain high profits. Because of this, Oracle partners often have strong competitiveness.

Poor coverage of the Chinese market is the biggest shortcoming of the Oracle ecosystem. China's information market is moving from large enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises, from first-tier cities to second, third, or fourth-tier cities. The Oracle ecosystem, especially Oracle companies, does not have such coverage capabilities.

Overall, the heby study's ecosystem assessment shows that the current Oracle ecosystem is basically capable of providing end users with "one-stop services, its products and solutions cover all fields from hardware, software to services. Among all IT companies, except IBM, only Oracle has such a complete "one-stop IT service" capability.

However, Oracle's "one-stop it service" is not a good thing for users. According to haibi research, from the recent operations after Oracle's merger, Oracle's future strategy is moving from open to closed. The Apple model seems to be an example of Oracle's pursuit. Especially after Sun's acquisition, Sun's open-source strategy was not clearly inherited and carried forward in Oracle. In fact, relying on Oracle's existing product lines and integration capabilities, Oracle can create its own closed IT ecosystem. As a result, she achieves her goal of completely locking the customer. Of course, locking customers is an important goal pursued by the ecosystem of various manufacturers. However, haibi research found that Oracle's service satisfaction in China is poor, and it is very dangerous for customers to be locked by such a manufacturer's ecosystem.

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