Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) Introduction

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Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) is a secure remote access solution that provides access to enterprise-class applications and desktop environments that run on Microsoft Windows,linux,solaris and large hosts, hosted in the cloud. Oracle Secure Global Desktop can work on a variety of popular client devices, including Windows Pc,mac,linux PCs, as well as tablet devices such as Apple's ipad and Android-based devices. With this software, users can safely get to work anywhere, using virtually any device. It also provides administrators with a management tool to control access to applications and desktop environments running inside the datacenter.

Key Features
    • Secure Remote access Solution
    • Access to cloud-hosted applications and desktops on virtually any device, anytime, anywhere
    • Support for applications running on Windows,oracle solaris,linux,hp-ux,aix,as400 and large host servers
    • Support includes Windows Pc,mac,linux Pc,ipad and Android-based tablet devices
    • Browser-based, fast and concise access to LAN and WAN
    • SGD Gateway provides secure and convenient access to the firewall
    • Seamless session migration between different devices and locations
    • High-strength identity authentication, secure connection, controlled access
    • Single Sign-on (SSO) integrated with Oracle Access Manager to simplify password management by allowing users to access multiple applications in just one sign-on
    • Centralize monitoring of multiple SGD deployments with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
    • Certified for use with Oracle applications such as Oracle E-business suite,oracle Siebel crm,oracle Primavera
    • Certified to Oracle's Exalogic Elastic cloud system, providing secure access to exalogic-born applications, providing a highly responsive user experience
Key Benefits
    • Eliminate the need to download, configure, and maintain client-side issues on your tablet, or install any client software beforehand on PC,MAC-all you need is a browser
    • Secure access to the data center-using the built-in installation gateway eliminates the need for a VPN
    • Simple access to all windows,oracle solaris,linux,oracle WBE applications running in the datacenter, hp-ux,aix,as400 and large host server applications via a portal page
    • Import Oracle VM templates with Oracle VM 3 for one-click Deployment and out-of-the-box, eliminating the hassle of installing and configuring Oracle Secure Global Desktop separately
Secure, versatile, and simple remote access solution

End users have the need to work with any device, anywhere, and each enterprise has the need to protect corporate digital assets and accelerate application deployment. In this case, the traditional business architecture based on laptops and PCs can no longer meet the needs of some businesses and organizations. In the current consumer market, more and more users are migrating data to the cloud, and with this wave, more and more enterprises are migrating applications and data from the end devices to the data center, which makes it easier to protect those applications and data. Under this framework, Oracle secure Global Desktop provides users with a secure, remote access method that allows users to access Windows,linux,unix and mainframe applications running in the data center, anywhere, with virtually any device.

This server-hosted application model benefits users and it.

Benefit Users

Oracle Secure Global Desktop enables users to connect to applications from inside and outside the corporate firewall. This means that users are free to start working at any location. Now, this freedom is now extended to the choice of devices. Oracle Secure Global Desktop supports a wide range of client devices that allow users to use SGD with any device they choose, without worrying about the client platform. For example, a user can use an ipad to access a Windows application, or to access a Linux application from a Windows portable computer. And because Oracle Secure Global Desktop provides continuous session functionality, users can switch back and forth between different devices, allowing SGD to maintain sessions on different devices without being affected.

Benefit it

Oracle Secure Global Desktop is an attractive choice for IT managers. This architecture means that they can deploy applications on virtual clients without worrying about the actual end devices. For example, if a Web application requires a specific version of a browser, a Java runtime environment, or a plug-in, the IT staff can configure such a controlled environment on the server side.

And because servers are deployed in a secure environment under it control, enterprise data is more securely protected.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop gives IT managers complete control of their power. Users can only run applications that are published by an administrator through the Oracle Secure Global Desktop Management Console. At the same time, by integrating with user directories such as Active Directory or Oracle Unified directory, applications can be published to user groups that meet a variety of advanced query criteria.

Administrators can even control the session of an application. Features such as copy-and-paste, printing, and drive mapping can be configured to achieve tighter control over application data.

In addition, Oracle Secure Global Desktop optimizes the available bandwidth and intelligently adjusts the amount of data sent to client devices. Users can be given a consistent user experience, whether they are accessing the local LAN or using a remote Internet. Designed to meet stringent security requirements, Oracle secure Global desktop aggressively uses open standards technologies such as HTML5, and provides industrial-strength security and encryption. It can be integrated with enterprise-class standard technologies such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), UNIX authentication, Pam authentication module, Oracle Internet directory, and Windows Active directory. Oracle Secure Global Desktop also provides a free security gateway that allows access to any location, helping to reduce the maintenance costs of the VPN infrastructure.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop and Oracle's Web applications are certified for use, including Oracle e-business suite,oracle Siebel crm,oracle primavera, ETC., Simplifies access to application clients, especially Oracle applications. It has also been certified with Oracle's Exalogic Elastic cloud system, providing secure access to exalogic-born applications, providing a highly responsive user experience. In addition, Oracle provides Oracle VM templates as an option when installing and configuring Oracle Secure Global Desktop. By using this Oracle VM template, you can implement out-of-the-box on Oracle virtual machines, eliminating the installation and basic configuration of the operating system and Oracle Secure Global desktop.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop Technical RequirementsTypes of applications supported
    • Windows applications and Desktops
    • Character applications for Oracle Solaris,linux,hp-ux and Aix
    • Character x applications for Oracle Solaris,linux,hp-ux and Aix
    • IBM mainframe and AS/400 applications
    • Web applications (using HTML and Java technology)
Supported protocols
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
    • HTTP
    • HTTPS
    • Secure Shell (SSH)
    • Telnet Vt,ansi
    • tn3270e
    • TN5250
Supported authentication mechanisms
    • LDAP v3
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • RSA SecurID (dual factor authentication)
    • Oracle Unified Directory
    • Network Information Service (NIS)
    • UNIX User authentication Pam
    • Windows domain
    • HTTP and HTTPS, including client certificate-based PKI
Server requirements (SGD installation platform)Hardware
    • Processor: 1GHZ

    • Memory: 2GB + 80MB per active user (normal use)

    • Disk space: 2GB + 300MB extra space at installation

      Note: The above are memory and disk space requirements in addition to the operating system requirements.

    • Operating system:

    • Oracle Linux 5.8+

    • Oracle Linux 6.2+

    • Oracle Solaris

    • Oracle Solaris Ten (8/11) with Trusted extensions and Solaris

    • Oracle Solaris 11+

    • Oracle Solaris one with Trusted extensions and Solaris 11+

    • NIC: Network adapter card

Client requirements

The following client platforms are supported:

    • Windows 8 and 8.1 (desktop mode)

    • Windows 7

    • Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10

    • Oracle Linux 5 and 6

    • Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04

    • Apple ipad and ipad mini running iOS7 and 8

    • Android 4.x and 5 tablet devices, as well as Chromebook (Chrome OS 38.0)

      Note: There are functional limitations on some client platforms.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) Introduction

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