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This command is always forgotten, so I wrote it directly on my blog for future reference. Every time I use it in the province, I will check it online.
After summing up, the following command can basically solve the problem:

/Home/Oracle/product/bin/IMP username/password full = y file = backup file path ignore = y
Replace the preceding Chinese characters with the values of your actual environment. remember that the path of the Oracle imp command is in/home/Oracle/product/bin, which is also the default installation path, if you do not know where your local Oracle installation path is, you can run the following command:

[Oracle @ ewellhopedb2 Oracle] $ CD $ ORACLE_HOME
[Oracle @ ewellhopedb2 product] $ cd./bin

Then run the IMP command in the current path. If the command is in the IMP directory, add the current path flag :. /IMP pay attention to the signature representation method... after running, it is generally OK.

One of my demos is as follows:

/Home/Oracle/product/bin/IMP zhangbo/123456 full = y file =/home/Oracle/ca_db/0523.dmp ignore = y

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