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Since the database was previously installed, there are many problems with reloading the database today.

Follow the online tutorials, the removal of the deleted files are removed in a step-by-step, or there is a problem.

There are two problems, one is just run Setup.exe always appear with Chinese garbled command line. At the beginning of the time inadvertently, want to see the installation will be behind the problem

As a result, the following installation always reminds me of the "Cannot create related items on the Start menu and desktop" Reminder, at first I continued to install all the way to the end of the pack ...

This seems to be able to use, but in the beginning of the menu does not configure the relevant items, there are capable in the use of the following can all use CMD configuration, but I still feel very inconvenient.

Then search the Internet for a variety of answers, there are said permission issues, there are said to run with the administrator, and some suggestions to remove the reload, and even some people say that the computer system, Balabala

Based on previous programming experience, it was supposed to be a Chinese coding problem, and then I looked at the oracle that I installed does not support Unicode display text and is a Chinese version. And my computer for non-Unicode programs use the language is English, so there is garbled ... So how to solve it.

Very simple, as long as the computer set to Chinese can be, the specific steps are as follows: Click on Control Panel-"Regional and language-" management, click on the Red box button below

Click OK, restart the computer, language into Chinese, garbled problem solved, behind also no longer report can not create a menu item error

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