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1. Install Oracle Linux 6.1

Oracle has been running its own Linux for several years, so I didn't pay much attention to it. Today I paid special attention to it. I downloaded an oracle Linux 6.1 Test from edelivery.


The installation process is the same as RedHat, but ext4 is supported in version 6.1, and more is prompted during installation. There are more server customization than RedHat 5.


Ii. Oracle Linux instructions

A pdf document on the official website specifically introduces Oracle Linux. The link is as follows:

Oracle Linux FAQ



I will not read about the technical aspects here. Here I will take a look at Oracle Linux authorization issues.


2.1 What isoracle Linux?

Oracle Linux isan open source operating system available under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is available for free download through Oracle e-delivery. oracleoffers 24x7, global support for Oracle Linux Through a paid subpipeline.

-- Oracle Linux is an open-source operating system under the GNU framework. It can be downloaded from Oracle e-delivery for free. Note that e-delivery has a Chinese IP address, even if it can be downloaded, you also need to go over the wall first.


2.2 What is Oracle Linux support?

Oracle linuxsupport Program delivers enterprise-class support for Linux with premierbackports, comprehensive management, cluster software, indemnification, testingand more, all at significantly lower cost. oracle is committed to deliveringhigh quality, comprehensive, and integrated support solutions to help ensurethat organizations succeed with the Linux operating system.

Under the specified lelinux Support Program, customers can receive full support for Oracle linuxrunning with either the unbreakable enterprise kernel or the Red Hat compatiblekernel.


2.3 What Does Oracle deliver with Linux support?

Driven byenterprise customer requirements, Oracle offers the following for Linux serverdeployments:

(1) Free installable binaries fororacle Linux;

(2) three levels of Linux support tochoose from

Network-software, including updates;

Basic-24x7 Global Support, complete linuxserver lifecycle management, cluster software;

Premier-24x7 Global Support, completelinux server lifecycle management, cluster software, Premier backports, andoracle lifetime support.

(3) access to patches, fixes andupdates, via a subscriber network, the unbreakable Linux Network (uln)

-- The patch can be updated and fixed only when support is purchased.



2.4 how much do I pay for Linux support from Oracle?

-- Note that the price here is also related to the number of physical CPUs.


Based on the above information, we can draw a conclusion:

(1) Oracle Linux is open-source and can be used for free without an activation code during installation.

(2) If you want Oracle support, you can purchase authorization. You can update the patch and fix bugs only after you purchase the support.




I do not know why it is a virtual machine or a habit. Oracle Linux does not feel very good for me, so the idea of testing with Oracle Linux was killed in the cradle, continue to use RedHat.




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