Oracle Pen questions Oracle DBA face questions and answers (foreign companies)

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Oracle Pen questions Oracle DBA face questions and answers (foreign companies)
Oracle Database Pen Test DBA
Oracle Interview Pen test for international large companies
Oracle Database DBA Interview Questions

1. How many memory layers are in the shared pool?

2. How did you find the RMAN catalog if a particular archive log has been backed-up?

3. How can I tell how much it's left in a given file system and how much spaces each of the file system ' s Subdirector IES take-up?

4. Define the SGA and:

? How do you would configure SGA for a mid-sized OLTP environment?

? What is involved in tuning the SGA?

5. What is the cache hit ratio, What impact does it have on performance to an Oracle database and What are involved in Tuni ng it?

6. Other than making use of the Statspack utility, what would your check when you are monitoring or running a health check On an Oracle 8i or 9i database? Oracle Database

7. How do I tell what your machine name are and what is it IP address?

8. How would your go about verifying the network name this local_listener is currently using?

9. Have 4 instances running on the same UNIX box. How can your determine which shared memory and semaphores are associated with which instance?

What view (s) do your use to associate a user's sqlplus session with his O/S process?

Oracle DBA face Test update Oracle DBA face question Update
When the database switches the log, why must the checkpoint occur. What's the point of this checkpoint?

Table space management methods have what kinds, each have what good or bad.

The difference and applicability of local and global indexes.

A Table a VARCHAR2 (1), b number (1), C char (2), has 100,000 records, creates the B-tree index on field A, then the table and the index who are big. Why.

There are several modes of data guard 9i, each of which is different.

What is the execution plan, and what are the general ways to see the execution plan?

Briefly describe the difference between the nest loop and the hash join.

DB file sequential read and DB file scattered read wait for the difference, if the above wait for more, prove what the problem.

The library cache pin and the library cache lock are the places where the wait event, generally explains what the problem.

In a 24*7 application, it is necessary to modify the normal index (A,B) of a table of more than 10 million data levels to a unique constraint (A,B,C), and you will generally choose how to do it, please say the specific steps and statements.

If an Oracle database system on Linux suddenly slows down, where do you usually look for the reason?

Explain the understanding of RAID5 and RAID01/10.

List 5 new features for 10g

Oracle Interview problem Oracle face test Summary
One: SQL tuning class
1: Enumerate several table connection ways
2: How to view SQL execution plan without the help of Third-party tools
3: How to use the difference between CBO,CBO and rule
4: How to locate the SQL that is important (consumes a lot of resources)
How to track the SQL of a session in 5:oracle
What is the most concerned about 6:sql adjustment
7: Talk about your knowledge of indexes (structure of indexes, impact on DML, impact on queries, why query performance is improved)
8: Using the index query can improve the performance of the query. Why
9: What the binding variable is. What are the advantages and disadvantages of binding variables.
How to stabilize (fix) The execution plan in 10:oracle
11: How to adjust the memory related to the sort in 8i and 9i respectively, what is the function of the temporary tablespace?
12: Table T (a,b,c,d), to be sorted according to the field C after the 第21-30条 record display, please give the SQL

Second: Oracle database Basic Concept Class

What does 1:pctused and pctfree mean?
2: A brief description of the relationship between Table/segment/extent/block
3: Describe the relationship between Tablespace and datafile
4: The local management of the table space and the characteristics of the Dictionary management table space, what is the characteristics of ASSM
What is the function of the 5:oracle rollback segment?
What is the function of the 6:oracle log?
7:sga mainly have those parts, what is the main role
What are the main functions of the 8:oracle system process?

Three: Backup Recovery class

1: How to Categorize backups

2: What does archiving mean

3: If a table is 10:30:00 in 2004-08-04, how to restore it in the case of a perfect archive and backup

What are the 4:rman and what are the characteristics

Characteristics of 5:standby

6: How do you design a backup strategy for a system that requires a shorter recovery time (database 50G, daily archive 5G)

IV: System Management Class

1: For a system that exists system performance, say your diagnostic approach.
2: Several methods of diagnosing IO, CPU and performance status are listed
3: What do you know about Statspack?
4: If the system now needs to create an index on a large table, you will consider those factors and how to minimize the impact on the application
5: What do you know about RAID10 and RAID5?

General Casual Class

1: What part of Oracle are you good at?
2: Like Oracle? Like on the forum? Or what part of Oracle you prefer.
3: Feel free to say what you think is the most interesting part of Oracle or the hardest part
4: Why choose to be a DBA?

Oracle Pen Questions-Oracle Interview questions-Technical articles
Oracle DBA questions and Answers
when looking at Oracle technical issues, be sure to read about personal questions and answers in your interview. Let the interviewer know how familiar you are with the Oracle concept.

1. Explains the differences between Oracle cold and hot backup and their respective benefits  

Answer: Hot-backed databases for archive mode, backed up while the database is still working. A cold backup is a database that is backed up after the database is closed and applies to all schemas. The advantage of hot backup is that when the backup is in place, the database can still be used and the database can be restored to any point in time. The advantage of a cold backup is that its backup and recovery operations are fairly simple, and because a cold backed up database can work in a non-archive mode, the database performance is slightly better than the archive mode. (Because the archive log will not have to be written to the hard disk)

2. You have to use Backup to restore the Oracle database, but you do not have control files, how to solve the problem.

Solution: Rebuilds the control file and restores the Oracle database with the recover command with the backup controls file clause.

3. How do I convert Init.ora to SPFile?

Answer: Use the Create SPFile from Pfile command.

4. Explains the difference between data block, extent, and segment (the English term is recommended)  

Answer: Data block is the smallest logical storage unit in the database. When the object of the database needs more physical storage space, the continuous data block is composed of extent. All extents owned by a database object are called segment of that object.

5. Gives two methods for checking the structure of an Oracle table &NBSP

Solution: 1. The describe command

2.dbms_metadata. GET_DDL Package

6. How to view an error from the Oracle Database engine

Answer: Alert log.

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