Oracle po-Module Package Purchase Agreement summary

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This article summarizes the knowledge of the Oracle EBS Purchase Order (PO) module Package Purchase agreement, which is summarized as follows:

1 , Theoretical introduction

(1) Noun terms

A blanket purchase agreement (Blanket Purchase AGREEMENT,BPA) is a blanket purchase agreement that is planned for a period in which items or services are scheduled to be purchased from a specific vendor, and the details of those items or services are known but the specific delivery schedule is not yet clear. Before you actually purchase an item, you can use a blanket purchase agreement to specify the agreement price for the item. A blanket purchase agreement can be created for a single organization or shared by different business units of the Organization (Global Agreement).

A blanket purchase agreement is a medium-to long-term purchase agreement with suppliers to reduce procurement costs. Once signed, many times to goods. In general, Chinese companies have long-term procurement agreements, but are not accustomed to being called "blanket purchase Agreements". The blanket purchase agreement usually lasts for a long period of time (6-12 months) and negotiates to determine the total amount of procurement over time. Due to the large volume of purchases, lower price concessions can be obtained. Generally need, at any time to the supplier to the goods, as long as the agreement signed within the timeframe of the procurement of suppliers to the contract quantity/total amount can be.

(2) applicable business

The package of purchase agreement is applicable to the purchase and sale contract with the supplier, one-time purchasing, and requires the supplier to deliver the business type in installments. Enterprises through the signing of agreements with suppliers to achieve the purpose of stocking, and can reach the warehouse zero inventory operations. A blanket purchase agreement requires a fixed, specific vendor, an agreement with the vendor to have an effective timeframe, and to determine its product price and service.

(3) Use value

① is easy to meet the ever-recurring needs.

② reduces the cost of the recurring subscription and settlement process.

③ the price through negotiation.

④ through long-term large-scale procurement, to obtain low-cost concessions.

⑤ simplifies the process of purchasing orders.

⑥ is easy to reach the terms of mutual cooperation and win.

⑦ increase the frequency of goods, reduce the number of single purchase, flexible response to customer demand changes.

⑧ quantity and price are relatively stable, which makes it easy for both sides of supply chain to forecast supply and demand.

2 , operating methods

Figure 1: Create purchase order

Create the purchase order as shown in Figure 1, and click on the purchase order to enter the interface as shown in 2.

Figure 2: Select the order type as a blanket purchase agreement

Then, enter the relevant information in the order header and detail lines, and remember to fill in the agreement. The "Allow Override Price" item under the "Price Reference" tab page, if selected, means that the price here can be rewritten later, rather than fixed.

Figure 3: Maintenance terms

Click on the "terms (M)" in Figure 2 to proceed to the maintenance terms screen of Figure 3 and maintain the relevant terms and conditions.

The following operations are submitted for approval, issuance, reception and other operations, the blanket agreement as a type of purchase orders, the total process and the standard purchase order is not much different, but more than a purchase agreement maintenance and purchase agreement multiple issuance.

Oracle po-Module Package Purchase Agreement summary

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