[Oracle XE series] Windows 7 64-bit installation of Oracle XE (32-bit) database (REG_XE Error Reporting, Character Set, port 8080 modification, etc)

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I. Installation

1. Download The XE installation package from the Oracle official website (it seems that Windows only has 32 bits and Linux only has 6 bits) and decompress the package.

2. Double-click setup.exe to start the installer. Do not click Next in the selected path. Otherwise, the message "... Reg_XE. This file does not seem to exist ." Error!

3. Go to the following directory "C: \ Users \ <your user name> \ AppData \ Local \ Temp {60712028-B7B0-4EC3-9C28-663111EC954A}" and find the file "OracleMTSRecoveryService. reg, and copy a copy and rename it as "KEY_XE.reg ".

4. Go back to the installer and click Next to continue the installation.

2. Modify the character set of Oracle XE

1. -- problem: in the character set AL32UTF8, one Chinese Character occupies three characters

SQL> select lengthb('田') from dual;
LENGTHB('田') ------------- 3

If you do not modify the character set, you will suffer. But fortunately, I have a simple method here.

The process is also quite simple. First, start the command line (START-run-CMD ). Then execute the following command.

1) Run sqlplus.exe/nolog in the command line window.

2) then execute the following command in sqlplus:

connect sys_name / sys_password as sysdba-login according to your actual situation
shutdown immediate;
startup mount
alter system enable restricted session;
alter system set JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES = 0;
alter system set AQ_TM_PROCESSES = 0;
alter database open;
alter database character set internal_use ZHS16GBK;
shutdown immediate

Character Set conversion can be completed as follows:

SQL> select lengthb('田') from dual;
LENGTHB('田') ------------- 2

Of course, your apex also becomes garbled at the same time. There are three solutions:

  • One is not APEX;
  • One is to set the language of IE to English (or http: // 8080/apex/apex_admin can be "English" and "Chinese (simplified)" at the bottom of the interface))
  • The last one is to upgrade APEX and install the Chinese package (recommended). I will introduce this method below. I have listened carefully ;)

2. InstallationAPEX 4.0.2

1) decompress the apex folder in apex_4.0.2.zip to D/oraclexe;

2) Open the CMD Console window, switch the current path to E:/oraclexe/apex/, start SQL * Plus, and log on to the database as sysdba:

D:/oraclexe/apex> sqlplus/nologsql> connect sys as sysdbaenter password: <sys password>

3) run the installation script apexins. SQL:


4.) After the installation is complete, run the apxldimg. ASL script to install the images, CSS, and JS scripts required by Apex:

SQL>@apxldimg D:/OracleXE/

It should be noted that it is passed to apxldimg. the SQL script parameter is the parent directory of the APEX main directory (for example, if your APEX installation path is e:/oraclexe/apex, the path parameter here is e:/oraclexe ), for this, you can view apxldimg. the SQL script is verified, which is why many people on the Internet say that the path error occurs during image installation.

5) run the apxchpwd. SQL script and set the admin password of apex as prompted:


6) after the installation is complete, you can access the apex management background through http: // 8080/apex/apex_admin, indicating that the installation is successful.

3. Install the Chinese Language Pack
1) Open the CMD Console window and set the environment variable nls_lang:

set NLS_LANG=American_America.AL32UTF8

Note: If you have opened the SQL * Plus window, you must close it before setting the environment variable nls_lang.

2) switch to the path E:/apex_4.0.2/apex/Builder/ZH-CN, start SQL * Plus, and run the following statements as sysdba:


After the installation is complete, go to http: // 8080/apex/apex_admin to switch the language between "English" and "Chinese (simplified)" at the bottom of the interface.

Additional supplement:

Solve the problem that apex cannot be accessed through the network or host name: start SQL * Plus and log on to the database as sysdba, and execute the following statements:

SQL>execute dbms_xdb.setListenerLocalAccess(l_access => FALSE);

4. Set backend running parameters

alter system set JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES=2;

NOTE: If job_queue_processes is set to 0, the subsequent job will not run without the job scheduling process.

3. Modify ports 1521 and 8080 occupied by Oracle Xe listener
When installing oraclexe, there is a prompt

 1.Destination Folder: D:\oraclexe\  
 2.Port for 'Oracle Database Listener': 1521  
 3.Port for 'Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server': 2030  
 4.Port for HTTP Listener: 8080

It can be seen that the default Web console service port is 8080 and cannot be changed during installation. After installation, it conflicts with tomcat, JBoss, and other servers, so many problems may occur. There is such an SQL statement in the Xe installation file that can be used to change the http port.
In the D: \ oraclexe \ app \ oracle \ product \ 10.2.0 \ Server \ config \ scripts \ postdbcreation. SQL file. There is such an SQL code:

 2.   dbms_xdb.sethttpport('8080');  
 3.   dbms_xdb.setftpport('0');  

Take a look at the log file D: \ oraclexe \ app \ oracle \ product \ 10.2.0 \ server \ config \ log \ postDBCreation. log, which contains the following records:

 1.SQL> begin  
 2.  dbms_xdb.sethttpport('8080');  
 3.  dbms_xdb.setftpport('0');  
 4. end;  
 5. /PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

We can see that Oracle XE uses it to set the http port and open the SQL * Plus console. Use sys or system to log on. Then run: http://www.uspcat.com /? Fromuid = 11777

 2.   dbms_xdb.sethttpport('8088');  
 3.   dbms_xdb.setftpport('0');  

In this way, the port is set to 8088.

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