Orcale Service cannot start problem resolution after IP modification _oracle

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Today, configure the virtual machine in the design of the next IP, so that the virtual machine and the host in the same network segment, and then use WebService to succeed, but the new problem is coming, Oracle is not connected.

A search for information, found that the Oracleoradb10g_home1tnslistener service started automatically shut down, and then start how also can not start, think definitely with the change IP, a check really is this problem, with the following method immediately succeeded:

1. Running Emca-config Dbcontrol db in the CMD environment will require the input database sid my default ORCL, listening port default 1521. And then configure it step-by-step. The ORACLEDBCONSOLEORCL is ready to start after the end.
2 use Orcale's own application Oracle NET Configuration Assistant to remove the original listener and configure a new listener. The method is simple. The Oracleoradb10g_home1tnslistener can be started and the database will be restored to normal use.

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