"Original" Bootstrap+knockout.js+asp.net Mvc3+petapoco for CRUD operations

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1. Demand:

1.1) the page to be beautiful atmosphere

1.2) front-end code to be concise and clear, to use MVC or the MVVM framework

1.3) The server needs to use the MVC framework, to rest style

1.4) data access to use ORM

2. Effect:

2.1) List

2.2) Paging

2.3) New

2.4) Modify

3. Technical considerations:

3.1) Taking into account the beautiful atmosphere of the page, in the absence of art, Bootstrap is indeed a good choice

3.2) The front-end frame chooses the knockout.js of MVVM, presumably because Microsoft has this framework in its own project template, so it has always liked it.

3.3) ASP. NET MVC is now out to 5, all kinds of mature, I use the VS2010, handy with a 3

3.4) Entity framework too heavy, nhibernate do not seem to update it, a variety of micro-ORM used up, contrast dapper, massive, Petapoco seems more simple and convenient some

4, Knockout.js's understanding:

Take a look at teacher Artech's diagram and understand the flow of data and the process of processing it.

5, the framework of the construction:

No brain operation, a variety of front-end libraries, back-end libraries so put it OK

6, some technical points:

6.1) Modification of the route:

I only use the personnel number (PersonID) to pass between pages, so I modified the parameter "{Controller}/{action}/{personid}" in Routes.maproute in the Global.asax file, So the place I'm using to receive this rest-style parameter is defined as PersonID and can be received

6.2) Use of paging controls:

To match the bootstrap framework, the pagination control also uses the bootstrap-style control (jqpaginator), which modifies the code slightly.

Paging well, no matter what you want to know the current page of data, a total of several pages, which page is currently a few key content, the back end using Petapoco this micro ORM framework, directly can get the page<t> type of data collection, and then peel off the package.

The front-end setting of the corresponding property to receive the data thrown from the backend is fine.

The back end of the page data to KO's Observer object

Other direct-to-page paging controls are good to use.

When the paging control click, the corresponding search controller, pass the delivery page value is finished.

: Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1ntsj4MX

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